Getting Started with Multifamily Deals

Neal has a huge thousand plus units of multifamily portfolio valued at over a hundred million dollars and it covers seven different states. He speaks at multifamily conventions, expos, and REIA events all over the country. He is also the co-founder of the largest multifamily investing meetup in California.

A Scientific Approach to Real Estate Investing

Neal Bawa is an engineer whose technology education company was so successful that he sought out real estate investing as a means to reduce his tax burdens.  Applying scientific principles, Neal quickly grew his real estate holdings to over 1,000 units worth more than $111 million.  In this episode, Neal shares his unique real estate investing approach and some of his secret tricks that continue to yield him significant wins in a very tight and competitive real estate market.

How To Create Over $2 Million In Investor Equity With Apartment Communities

Neal does not call himself a real estate investor. Rather, he says he is a technologist. While he does invest in real estate, he does so using the latest technology to be as efficient as possible. By doing this Neal says he is really running a technology company rather than a real estate company. Either way, he has tremendous strategies for increasing value and equity in his projects.

Positioning Yourself As A Multifamily Leader, With Or Without A Track Record

Neal discusses how he was able to position himself as a leader despite a lack of track record and why his ability to tell the story of a project led to success with raising money. He talks numbers, sharing the importance of understanding the economics of an area before you invest and his take on the top two markets for 2018. Listen in for Neal’s insight around stock market corrections, partnering with experts and diversifying your real estate portfolio.

The Professor of Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Neal Bawa is the President and COO of Financial Attunement, a commercial real estate investment company that specializes in acquiring apartment complexes across the US for over 200 investors. An accomplished single family and multifamily investor, he currently owns single families, duplexes, triplexes and quad-plexes in CA and IL. He is an active and passive investor in multifamily and commercial syndications (over 2,000 units) in 8 different states.

2018 Real Estate Trends Video Series

In this video preview from the Real Estate Trends 2018 webinar, we’ll look at some of the trends in the market, starting with tax reform. We’ll look at an eye-popping mass exodus that has quietly started and it poised to have a huge impact on real estate. It is reshaping the country, so make sure you factor this in your investment decisions. It will be very costly to get caught on the wrong side of this little known trend.