Will the housing market crash in 2022_ [Let's Look at the Data]

This podcast guesting Neal Bawa is hosted by Kent Ritter of Ritter on Real Estate

On today’s episode of Ritter On Real Estate, we chat with Neal Bawa. Neal is CEO / Founder at UGro and Grocapitus, two commercial real estate investment companies. Neal’s companies use cutting-edge real estate analytics technology to source and acquire OR build large Commercial properties across the U.S., for nearly 700 investors, and has a portfolio of over 4,800 units. An AUM value (upon completion) of over $1 Billion.

How To Navigate Investing In Uncertain Times With Neal Bawa

by Neal Bawa | Ritter on Real Estate

Neal believes that we are at a turning point, where traditional commercial real estate will combine with Proptech and Fintech technology disruptors, and will truly reach its potential as a tradable, highly liquid asset class that will rival and eventually beat the stock market in its size and scope. He also believes that the Build-to-rent will become a much larger and more profitable part of the Multifamily asset class over the next 5 years, due to its uniquely desirable characteristics. Welcome to the show, Neal!