Will the housing market crash in 2022_ [Let's Look at the Data]

This podcast guesting Neal Bawa is hosted by Hunter Thompson of Cash Flow Connections – Real Estate Podcast

Despite what you may be reading in the news… INFLATION IS FALLING RAPIDLY As we know, traditional news sources have political motivations for the stories they tell. But you know what doesn’t… RAW DATA And when it comes to data, you know who to call…


Will International Turmoil Cause Interest Rates to Fall?

by Neal Bawa | Cash Flow Connections - Real Estate Podcast

Neal is tracking the prices of freight containers and oil to predict future inflation because the entire world economy runs on these things.

He’s got some good news:

Oil has dropped 25% since June and

Freight has dropped 66% SINCE LAST MONTH!!!

This means stores will start dropping their prices in about 8 weeks when these goods hit the shelves, which might give The FED the freedom to react and prevent a global recession.

However, this means your chance to take advantage of discounts in CRE is nearing an end…

So, do not miss your chance to hear the rest of Neal’s predictions in today’s episode!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson