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Featured Learning

Webinar: Monday, April 22nd 6PM Pacific | 9PM Eastern

Join us for this webinar with our guest presenter Lauren Speidel of Exeter to explore Section 1031 and learn how to complete a successful Exchange transaction. 1031 exchange transactions are one of the last remaining strategies available to defer the recognition of capital gain and depreciation recapture income taxes on the sale or disposition of qualifying property. Watch and learn how 1031 exchange allows you to sell or dispose of and subsequently acquire properties in order to reallocate, consolidate or diversify your investment portfolio without paying tax on any capital gain or depreciation recapture taxes.

Webinar: Tuesday, April 23rd 6PM Pacific | 9PM Eastern

John Brickson is a Director with Old Capital Lending in Dallas. Old Capital closed over $750MM in multifamily loans in 2017, and is on pace to close over $1.0Bn in multifamily financing in 2018. In this presentation, John will provide a brief overview of financing options for multifamily investors, and will go in depth on financing multifamily investments through Freddie Mac’s Small Balance Loan Program.

Webinar: Thursday, April 25th 6PM Pacific | 9PM Eastern

Join us for this webinar with our guest presenter Dugan P. Kelley of Kelley Clarke, PLLC to discuss why Multifamily Syndicators and Passive Investors should care about 1031 Exchanges.

Neal Bawa delivers a power-packed forecast on key trends you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about before you start planning your 2019 and beyond investments. This is a not-to-be missed investment presentation for analytical and opportunistic investors. The presentation is fast, fact-driven, and entertaining.

An eye-opening, research driven look at one of the best tax deductions for real estate investors ever. This tremendous new tax incentive is paving the way for gigantic profits for savvy investors. If you are facing capital gains of any kind (stocks, business sale, or real estate) we’ll show you how this new tax law can help you defer, and in some cases completely erase, federal taxes… legally.

This is our POWERHOUSE multifamily training webinar containing all content, no fluff. We cover multifamily real estate investing from A to Z, based on our purchase of 1,000 units in 7 states with a value over $70 million. It is NOT your average boring sales pitch webinar. Find out what all the buzz is about.

Listen to an eye opening and bizarre story. A story of powerful central banks and mountains of debt. A tale of a slowing world economy filled with problems (and risk and opportunity). This world-girdling narrative spans China, Japan, the European Union, emerging markets, and of course, USA. This webinar will change your outlook on everything financial!

Starts Mon Jun 3, 5:30 PM Pacific

Multifamily professional Neal Bawa’s acclaimed live online bootcamp arms you with all the information you need to confidently invest in apartment complexes, on your own or together with others, to create passive income. This is an entertaining, content rich, zero fluff online bootcamp designed for those that want actionable data and a defined step-by-step roadmap for investing in apartments.

Investment Opportunities

Are you an investor looking to capitalize on the above average returns of multifamily real estate while sitting back and collecting checks without the demands of day-to-day management or oversight?

Our sister company, Grocapitus Investments LLC, helps investors receive dependable passive income. Grocapitus identifies, acquires, manages, stabilizes, optimizes, and divests cash-flowing value-add Class B and C Multifamily and student housing properties in high-quality markets nationwide.

Massive Value-Add Investment Opportunity

Up-and-coming metro! Revolutionary rebranding and renovation process and perfected leasing model boost investor returns for this Class C property in a Class B neighborhood. For accredited investors.

Development Opportunity (Phase 2 Now Open)

Discover how this unique real estate investment opportunity takes advantage of a nationwide mega trend and special government incentives to provide excellent projected returns. For accredited investors.

Multifamily University, founded by Neal Bawa, is the Nation’s premier MeetUp network DEDICATED to apartment and commercial (retail / office / self-storage / industrial / mobile homes) learning. We are an army of motivated doers, spread out all across the USA, who are learning together and buying commercial / multifamily assets through syndication.

No sales pitches, no expensive courses – just education and networking.


Join a local chapter of this dynamic and fast growing MeetUp network designed for building relationships and investing in Multifamily projects together, creating massive cash flow and wealth for our members. Over 12 face-to-face meetings and 20 webinars a year, and networking with 1,000+ members.

Monthly Meetings · Dynamic Speakers · Fantastic Educational Content

Free In Person Training:  Saturday May 4, 11:15 AM PST (San Jose, CA)

WORKSHOP: How to pick the BEST cities and neighborhoods in the U.S., in 90 minutes flat. How do Multifamily experts double investor money in 5 years? Well, their big secret is that they know how to pick the right city and the right neighborhood at the right time. And now, it’s time for you to learn how to do that, for your investments. Limited to 20 participants.

Additional Learning

Student Housing has seen an explosive growth over the last 10 years, and the market is seeing tremendous interest from both institutional and Asian investors. Through our partnerships, own research and experience, our team has built up a great deal of knowledge about this often-ignored but very lucrative asset class.

In this live online training you will learn the factors that drive Bay Area real estate prices and whether a significant price drop is looming. See how over 50 local cities ranked in the price gain shootout and discover what to expect in the coming months! PLUS, hear Neal’s wild shootout prediction.

Webinar Replay

Join us online as we show you behind the scenes our investment property selection process. We will go through the stages involved in assessing a property, the questions that we ask, the assumptions we make, and how they influence the property analysis process.

Webinar Replay

Are you using old, ineffective deal analysis approaches that are costly, labor intensive, and generate poor results leading to poor investment decisions? Are you a value-add investor that would love a fast way to determine if a deal is one where you can make money or not? On this webinar we will show you a blazingly fast way to analyze deals and make better investment decisions backed by data-driven assumptions.

Webinar Replay

When it comes to raising capital and investing in real estate, many syndicators and investors are often unaware of a largely untapped resource: retirement accounts! Join out guest presenter, Scott Maurer and discover how you can take financial control of your retirement dollars and put them to use in investments that you control.

Webinar Reply

Join our guest presenter Yonah Weiss, Business Director at Madison SPECS, online as he explains what Cost Segregartion is and how investors can benefit from it. Also learn how this amazing income tax benefit impacts real estate professionals differently than everyone else.

Webinar Replay

Join Neal online as he show you how to bring balance to this relationshp, the motivations need to be aligned.The L-A-S-A-L system was invented to do just that, and it works fabulously, every single time! Follow along with a laptop or iPad (optional) for this workshop, filled with entertaining anecdotes and results-oriented content.

Webinar Replay

Join our guest presenter, Managing Attorney of Syndication Attorneys PLLC  – Kim Lisa Taylor, and discover what you need to know about Your Investors Before Accepting Investments. Raising money to fund your multifamily deals legally is the key to bigger deals and accelerated wealth creation. Don’t miss out on this critical knowledge!

Webinar Replay

If you would like to discover how to structure your syndicated multifamily deal to raise money from private individuals you will benefit from this information.Raising money to fund your multifamily deals is the key to bigger deals and accelerated wealth creation. Don’t miss out on this critical knowledge!

Webinar Replay

This training combines thousands of hours of practical research, over 30 years of experience following real estate dynamics and the economy, and the wisdom of two real estate experts rolled into one fascinating presentation. You will discover the top 5 markets for long-term investing, the best rental markets for 2018, which overpriced markets to sell in 2018, and lots more!

Webinar Replay

A Proven System To Save Time, Money and Headaches While Creating Value With Multifamily Properties. Be more confident in your abilities to make an informed and intelligent decision to move forward with an investment or NOT. Feel prepared and self assured to go up against ANY seller, without hesitation.

Neal’s Podcast Appearances

Listen to Neal’s most recent podcast guest appearance:

Neal Bawa – From Tech Exit to $150M Portfolio

by Neal Bawa | Rod Khleif

Just heard your podcast w/ Rod Khleif. Just wanted to reach out and tell you that I loved the podcast. I used to run a currency focused investment fund and as soon as I heard you say “backtesting” my ears perked up. That’s all we used to do is backtest trading algorithms. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that it was a very cool podcast.
Mike Pugliese
Hi Neal,
I just listened to you on Rod Khleif’s podcast. I really loved how you have metrics for everything, I’m a numbers geek myself and your criteria really resonated with me.
Jens Nielsen

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