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RE Trends Toolkit

 View ranking reports, videos, articles and whitepapers from research organizations, city by city trends, and my acclaimed trends video and slide deck.

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 Join our Facebook group, The Magic of Multifamily, and receive tips, advice, and news from our helpful community.

Investment Opportunities

Capitalize on the above average returns of multifamily investing to generate tax-advantaged passive income.

Webinar Library

Watch over 25 engaging, data-focused webinars on a wide variety of topics, to help you confidently find and invest in apartment buildings.

Podcast Library

Listen to engaging real estate  content with Neal and Anna. The episodes are jam-packed with “aha” moments. 

Opportunity Zones

Dramatically reduce your capital gains taxes by investing in Grocapitus Opportunity Zones (pay as little as $0).

Location Magic

Discover my data-centric approach (using free tools) to uncover the best cities and neighborhoods for investing.


Watch our YouTube videos to learn more about multifamily investing and tax-advantaged income.

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NEW! The easy way to save time evaluating deals.