Looking to become an elite real estate investor? Neal Bawa teaches us how to use data driven resources to make sure you stay ahead of the trends.

Neal Bawa is the CEO and Founder of Grocapitus and MultifamilyU, Neal leads the company and is driving the syndication and acquisition of multifamily properties.

• Owns and manages a real estate single family and multifamily portfolio in 8 US States
• Speaks at Multifamily events, IRA events & meetups across the country
• Over 3,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year
• Hundreds attend his Multifamily boot camps annually
• Co-founder of the largest Multifamily Meetup in the U.S. (BAMF), with 4000+ members

His past experience includes 17 years of revenue (P&L) experience as the senior-most executive in a California education company with over 350 employees and $40MM in revenue.  Neal is a backyard tomato farmer and a protein diet health nut. He believes in positivity and Karma, is passionate about cricket and about the enormous potential of self-driving electric vehicles to solve the global climate crisis.

Connect with Neal
Facebook – Neal Bawa
Tool Kit – Text RETOOLKIT to 44222 or www.multifamilyu.com/retoolkit

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Using Data to Become an Elite Investor with Neal Bawa

by Neal Bawa | Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate Investing

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