Neal Bawa is Founder/CEO with GroCapitus. Neal is a data-scientist, a demographer who uses data-science and analytics to methodically invest in growing submarkets for many years now. In the podcast episode, Neal discusses how the growing submarkets with “tail-wind” behind their back assist syndicators/investors with confidence to reach their projected proforma numbers and how rising interest rates can impact projected performance. Neal further shares some key asset management metrics that syndicators should track to ensure optimal performance of their properties. We further discuss how Virtual Assistants have played a central role within his business.

The purpose of education and learning is empowerment and action, enabling you with intelligent decisions. Let this be the episode that you drive home with actionable tips to make you a better investor.


SK009 – Using Data Analytics reg SubMarkets to Invest-In and Asset Management Advice

by Sakar Kawle and Neal Bawa

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