The Most Important Coming Change in Real Estate Nobody is Talking About

by Neal Bawa | Passive Wealth Strategy Show

This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Taylor Loth of the Passive Wealth Strategy Show podcast.


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[00:01 – 07:05] Opening Segment

  • Neal introduces climate change and its effect on real estate 
    • “People don’t even know where to start.” 

[07:06 – 18:28] The Most Important Coming Change in Real Estate Nobody is Talking About

  • Real Estate is the No. 1 Victim of Climate Change 
  • Why You Should Worry About Climate Change 
  • Climate Change is Bullshit and its Impact
  • Four Twenty Seven
    • Looking in the future of real estate and climate change 
  • Neal compares the speed of change in COVID-19 and climate change
    • No one is paying attention!
  • Six Steps Model of Property Risks

[18:29 – 37:44] Taking Action and Moving Forward with Climate Change

  • Climate Change Denial Podcast
  • Today’s data points to the future
  • Extrapolating to the Future
    • Companies are taking actions on climate change
  • Climate change and the reality of real estate
  • Everybody is making a move, insurance companies included
  • Neal talks about city downgrades
  • Climate change is bigger than the coronavirus

    “No other industry in the world is going to be impacted by climate change as much as real estate.” – Neal Bawa

    “Everyone who has a trillion bucks cares.” – Neal Bawa

    “Climate change may not be real but those property tax increases are real.” –Neal Bawa


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