The "MoneyBall" Of Real Estate Investing with Neal Bawa

by Neal Bawa | The Real Dealz

Tucker welcomes Neal Bawa, CEO of Grocapitus, a nationwide commercial and multifamily investment syndication. Neal shares his system of looking at specific real estate markets to place investment value on them. He walks through all the steps he and his partners take and provides great references that every investor can use to help educate themselves in their own markets. Neal is a wealth of information and this was a very educational interview for all real estate professionals.


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  • Main Topic: Neal Bawa and Real Estate MoneyBall


New Construction Class A Multifamily Wellness Opportunity

  • 28.1% Projected AAR
  • Investor-Friendly Short-Term Project
  • Multiple Exits with Innovative No Debt Option
  • Affordable Luxury in an Upscale Modern Design
  • Corona-Resistant Features


* This investment is open to accredited investors. To learn if you can invest if you are non-accredited click here.

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