Neal Bawa is the COO & President of Financial Attunement & the Founder/Lead Instructor of MultifamilyU. “Discover How You Can Invest Smarter And With Less Hassle, While Building A Tax-Advantaged Financial Fortress.” Neal brings a new perspective to Real Estate Investing & the Housing Trends. DATA IS KEY…He shares his unique analyzing strategies & resources for this critical DATA while providing an overview of the market, our economy & why his information affects everyone’s lives.

Multi-Family Investing & Housing Trends / Online Training

by Neal Bawa | EverythingHome Michele Swinick

Neal brings strong operational & fiscal management experience to Financial Attunement. Neal 17+ years of revenue (P&L) experience as the senior-most executive in a California education company w/ over 350 employees & $40MM in revenue. He retired in 2003 to pursue a Real Estate career full time. Neal owns and manages an extensive real estate single family & multifamily portfolio in 5 U.S. States. He teaches Multifamily education seminars to over a thousand students a year. He leads the company’s Operations group and is driving the syndication & acquisition of MultiFamily properties. They own and operate a portfolio of over $111 million, consisting of 1000 units, across 7 states. Their family of investors is now over 200 and continually growing.

Neal is one of Helping The People’s Expert Contributors. We’re a Real Estate Company, Home Resource Center and Non-Profit that’s disrupting the Home Buying & Selling Experience by providing Relationship-Based Real Estate with a Socially Conscious Purpose. If you’re looking to Buy or Sell a home, our FREE service matches you with one of our Preferred Realtors & 25% of their commission is donated to our “Homes For Veterans”.

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