by Neal Bawa | The Real Estate Experiment

This podcast interview of Neal Bawa is hosted by Ruben Kanya of The Real Estate Experiment Podcast.

We are joined in the lab by Neal Bawa, Data Scientist, Founder and CEO at Grocapitus Investments. Dubbed as the Mad Scientist of Real Estate, Neal’s success is attributed to his diverse portfolio of syndication and his slightly manic attitude when it comes to opportunities in real estate. He eventually found the opportunity to go into real estate full-time when his technology business sold but not before he changed the face of the business by custom-building 6 campuses in 11 years.

When people were discounting real estate in the recession of 2008, Neal instead tried to lease out 10 properties in Madeira. This move reinforced people’s perception of Neal as the crazy guy but he found the math too compelling and knew that there was no way he could lose with investing in property.

If you’re a guy like Neal with unconventional methods to getting things done and a tremendous grasp in data analysis to help you see into the future, you need to tune into this episode.