How To Optimize For Profit

by Neal Bawa | Ritter on Real Estate



320 Units, New Construction Class B Multifamily

• #1 Fastest growing county in the U.S., 4 years in a row!
• Solid projected returns with conservative underwriting!
• 506c Investment for Accredited Investors

This podcast interview of Neal Bawa is hosted by Kent Ritter of the Ritter on Real Estate Podcast.

Key Points on this episode:

  • Looking at data trends: the goal is to constantly be reinventing yourself because that’s what data tells us to do.
  • Neal shares the top strongest asset classes, pre-and post-pandemic: e-commence boom.
  • How multifamily has stayed the average most favored class over the last six to seven years.
  • Neal talks about how the pandemic has impacted the class C price: old versus new.
  • What do investors need to be paying attention to, according to data, a year from now: no bad news in multifamily.
  • Neal explains why the next twelve months are gold, even if bad things will happen after.
  • Innovations that Neal is implementing now that keep him ahead of the curve: cameras, sell covered-parking, calculating and tracking key ratios.


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