How To Optimize For Profit

by Neal Bawa | Ritter on Real Estate



Own a New Construction Turnkey Fourplex!

• Located on the Austin - San Antonio mega corridor
• Tax-advantaged passive income
• Hassle-free property management
• Cash flow in one of the fastest growing suburbs

This podcast interview of Neal Bawa is hosted by Kent Ritter of the Ritter on Real Estate Podcast.

Key Points on this episode:

  • Looking at data trends: the goal is to constantly be reinventing yourself because that’s what data tells us to do.
  • Neal shares the top strongest asset classes, pre-and post-pandemic: e-commence boom.
  • How multifamily has stayed the average most favored class over the last six to seven years.
  • Neal talks about how the pandemic has impacted the class C price: old versus new.
  • What do investors need to be paying attention to, according to data, a year from now: no bad news in multifamily.
  • Neal explains why the next twelve months are gold, even if bad things will happen after.
  • Innovations that Neal is implementing now that keep him ahead of the curve: cameras, sell covered-parking, calculating and tracking key ratios.


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