Real Estate Trends 2019 Toolkit Access

Here is your access to my entire 2019 Trends Toolkit, which has incredibly eye opening videos, articles and reports.

The toolkit contains:


The video replay and slidedeck from my Real Estate Trends Presentation.


Many interesting 2019 videos from CNBC, Redfin, CBS News, On the Money and Bloomberg. They cover a number of key real estate topics.


The Articles section includes articles about impact of tax reform on real estate, national and CA housing affordability and Goldman Sachs 2019 Investment Outlook.


The Reports section includes detailed marketing ranking reports from ATTOM, Forbes,, Trulia, Zillow and Apartment List. If you remember the city ranking shootout, the data was taken from these reports. You can now read detailed Multifamily city by city reports on why certain cities were ranked so high.


The Trends section has fantastic Trends articles from Redfin, Zillow Research, IRR, Geekwire, Robb Report, and Trulia Research. Trends as diverse as Tax reform, the inventory crisis, changing millennial tastes, senior housing, foreign investment in U.S. and many others are covered in the Trends portion of the Toolkit.


This section contains many of my top webinars, and invitations to in person events where you can learn a LOT more about real estate investment.


The toolkit also contains City comparison worksheet and Cities REALFOCUS 1-5 used for Udemy and Show-and-Tell Students.

Let’s get started!


The toolkit also contains my Top resource for Multifamily city by city trends (over 40 cities listed).



 1: 2019 Real Estate Trends Presentation

 2: RE Trends Videos

CBRE’S 2019 U.S Real Estate market outlook 


Housing market will continue to cool in 2019 says Redfin economist – CNBC

U S Housing Market Struggles With Rising Rates Prices – Bloomberg

 3: Real Estate Trends Articles

2019 Housing Market Outlook – Freddie Mac

2019 Investment Outlook – Goldman Sachs

Headship and Home ownership – Urban Institute

Declining Home ownership  – Cityscape

Future Homeownership – Myers and Lee

 4: Real Estate Ranking Reports

 5: Real Estate Trends

 6: Webinars and In Person Events

 7:  Resources for Udemy and Show-and-tell Students

 8: The Latest News About the San Francisco bay Area

The following reports come from Neal’s friend Patrick, who works for COMPASS, the best brokerage for single Family and multifamily in the San Francisco Bay Area. They produce incredibly accurate and in-depth data about the bay area.

Santa Clara County Real Estate Report – Early 2019

Oakland Berkley County RE Report – Early 2019

San Mateo County Real Estate Report – Early 2019

San Francisco County RE Report – Early 2019

 9: Bonus – Top Resources For Multifamily City By City Trends

The TOP resources for Multifamily city by city trends

CBRE Lates Cap Rate Survey – Visual Mapping – Shows you their latest cap rate survey. It shows information for about 40 cities for Cap rates for Multifamily, Office, Retail, Hotel and Industrial

CBREs first half 2018 Multifamily cap rate survey – Keep your eyes on Tier 2 and Tier 3 maps, focus on farthest column to the right.

The Cities People Are Moving to the Fastest in the U.S.

Real Estate Trends Toolkit

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