Using Data Science to Select Markets 101

Jan 19, 2023

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Ben Malech of the Real Estate Milestones.
In today’s episode, Neal sheds light on the 5 most important metrics to consider when choosing a real estate market and explains why his models are predicting a shallow recession in 2023.

Today’s guest is none other than “The Mad Scientist of Multifamily,” and after building up a $1B+ real estate portfolio, he has an unconventional piece of advice:

Don’t Trust Your Gut…

With a background as a Silicon Valley technologist, Neal Bawa entered the world of real estate committed to using data science to drive his investment decisions.

After many years of collecting data and crafting data models, Neal has isolated the few metrics that have an outsized ability to predict which real estate markets will generate the greatest returns…

Neal is a successful PropTech & Real Estate investors and the Founder of Grocapitus & MultifamilyU, and while his investors trust him with over a billion dollars in assets, he trusts cutting-edge data methodologies to ensure his investments are successful!

Neal is an incredible investor and communicator who shares incredibly powerful insights, so I encourage you to tune in!