Tools and Tips to Help Analyze Your Real Estate Investing Deals

Jul 30, 2019

Anna Myers
This podcast guesting of Anna Myers is hosted by Brett Snodgrass of the Brett Snodgrass Podcast.

Anna Myers serves as the vice president of Grocapitus, a commercial real estate investment company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has an extensive background as a programmer and a systems architect in the tech industry but now she’s migrated full-time into the commercial real estate industry.
Anna specializes in applying her technology skills to evaluate multi-family deals. She also teaches underwriting for MultifamilyU, an education platform for those who want to invest in multi-families.

Anna and Neal Bawa partnered to purchase 500 plus units of apartment projects in 2018. Now they have raised over $12 million in the last 9 months and it has resulted in over 750 units purchased.

If you can use some guidance on evaluating deals and markets alongside the right tools to employ, you can’t miss today’s episode!