Tips and Tools for Market Analysis with Anna Myers

Jul 22, 2019

Anna Myers
This podcast guesting of Anna Myers is hosted by Danny Johnson of the Flipping Junkie Podcast with Danny Johnson.


Anna Myers serves as Vice President at Grocapitus, a commercial real estate investment company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anna is a modern entrepreneur who applies her 20+ years of experience in technology and business to the finding, analysis, and acquisition of commercial properties in key markets across the U.S. Together with her business partner, Neal Bawa, they approach real estate as data scientists to create compelling profits for 300+ investors. As the lead underwriter for the company, Anna also teaches deal analysis for MultifamilyU both monthly via webinars as well as quarterly in MultifamilyU Boot Camps. MultifamilyU is an apartment investing education company owned by the principal Neal Bawa. In addition, she is an Airbnb Superhost in two markets in the US. Related to Syndication, Anna has participated with Neal Bawa and Grocapitus in equity raises of 8.5 million dollars for multifamily acquisitions in 2018, resulting in over 500+ units purchased.

In this episode Anna sits down with Danny to share a wealth of actionable tips, tools, and advice for investors. Anna shares with us how she made a complete pivot in her life and business multiple times, making the transition from computer science, to photography, and eventually on to real estate investing. She talks about how she makes the most out of a total pivot, which is great for anyone looking to break free from corporate America or another business!

Anna and Danny also touch on the art of market analysis and what it really means to be aware of your KPI’s and what they mean. They discuss why you need to not only be aware of your numbers but you need to fully KNOW and UNDERSTAND them to be able to make any real difference in your business, as well as what you should be looking for in a market. Anna also shares plenty of helpful tools for studying your market and more, so don’t miss out!