The Science Behind Real Estate Profits

Jul 8, 2024

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Martin Perdomo of Wealthy AF Podcast.

We’re ditching the gut feeling BS and bringing on the data wiz Neal Bawa, aka the “mad scientist of multifamily.” ‍

Neal’s got the low-down on using cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT to crush the market. Think of it like having a real estate superpower We’ll be diving deep into booming cities like Austin, Phoenix, and Dallas, all fueled by Neal’s data-driven insights.

Worried about inflation and the whole economic rollercoaster ride? Don’t sweat it. We’ll break down the Fed’s latest moves, explore how crazy debt might impact things (think beyond the US!), and even compare notes with other countries. Basically, we’ll give you the info you need to navigate the financial storm and find those long-term investment wins.

But wait, there’s more! We’re also tackling the housing affordability crisis head-on. Is it all about supply and demand? Are stagnant wages the real culprit? We’ll explore innovative solutions from companies and initiatives shaking things up. Disrupt Equity, Mission 10K – these are the names you need to know.

Neal will then be back to drop some serious knowledge bombs on multifamily investing and his data-driven approach. Think webinars, speaking gigs, the whole shebang.