The Big Picture About The Coronavirus That No One Is Talking About

Apr 2, 2020

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Michele Swinick of Everything Home.
This is a special episode to help Americans navigate through our unprecedented epidemic that's disrupting everyone's lives & what to expect on the other side. Neal Bawa, the data driven genius & CEO of Grocapitus and MultifamilyU lays out the FACTS and why it's essential to bunker down to stop the spread and preserve our way of life in America as we know it.

YES…IT’S THAT BAD!  Please keep in mind, the virus moves exponentially & that’s why it’s in charge. The numbers show it.  I didn’t believe until I spoke to Neal before the episode…now I get it. Let’s sacrifice today so we can rip off the band-aid in 60 days and get back to normal! God Bless America – We’re All In This Together.  Revive Our American Dream!