The Best System for Analyzing Properties and Working with Virtual Assistants

Aug 13, 2020

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Jonathan Farber of the Millennial Millionaire Real Estate Podcast.
In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Neal Bawa on his journey from discovering the benefits of real estate investing to building a business holding over $265 million. Neal is a technologist turned real estate syndicator operating from the Bay Area, running over 2,000 units. In this episode, we break down topics like choosing a market, deciding when you know enough, getting boots on the ground, and more!

Top Takeaways:
How to choose your market – 16:15 – 24:45

  • Don’t just base your decision on one person’s testimony
  • Rely on tangible metrics to choose your market
  • Population growth, income growth, home price growth, crime reduction, and job growth

How to know when you know enough – 34:00 – 38:30

  • Once you know what metrics you need, it should only take 15 minutes to know
  • If a property is a good investment, the numbers will make it clear
  • If you can’t find the information, ask around the market

How to get boots on the ground – 39:10 – 43:30

  • If you can’t go there yourself, get on Craigslist
  • Draw out a route around the property
  • Post a job to video the route

How to bring value to Neal Bawa:

  • Just reach out with anything you can do to help