Data-Driven Real Estate: Neal Bawa’s Vision for Built-to-Rent Investing

Nov 30, 2023

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Paul Montelongo of Harder Working Money.
In this episode, guest interviewer Paul Montelongo interviews Neal Bawa, the "mad scientist of multifamily" and a data scientist turned real estate investor. He's the brains behind Grocapitus, a real estate investment firm that thrives on data-driven strategies. With a background in technology, Neal brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry. Currently spearheading the Mission 10K Project, he envisions building 10,000 single-family rentals.

Neal Bawa shared his mission in this interview, and that is to tackle America’s housing crisis by constructing 10,000 rental townhomes in carefully chosen markets. Fueled by the stark reality of soaring home prices and stagnant incomes leaving 18 million middle-class families without affordable starter homes, Neal aims to provide an alternative through affordable, brand-new townhomes for rent. Utilizing his data-driven prowess, Neal has pinpointed seven U.S. metros boasting the perfect blend of higher incomes and low construction costs. His initiative, Mission 10K, is more than a project—it’s a movement. Neal is actively seeking followers who resonate with the cause and want to participate. With $65 million already secured in seed money, he’s on a quest for additional investors to reach the ambitious $800 million equity goal.

Key takeaways from this podcast include the harsh reality of skyrocketing home prices and stagnant incomes, 18 million middle-class American families find themselves unable to afford a starter home. Enter Neal’s ambitious initiative, Mission 10K, a venture with a clear goal—to construct 10,000 affordable townhomes for rent in carefully chosen markets. The magnitude of this undertaking requires a substantial $800 million in equity, and Neal has already secured a promising $65 million in seed money. Guided by a data-driven approach, he has pinpointed seven metros in the United States boasting the perfect mix of high incomes and low construction costs. Now, Neal is on the lookout for followers who resonate with the cause, inviting them to join the mission and actively contribute to spreading the word about Mission 10K.