Neal Bawa: BTR, Economy and Raising Capital Masterclass

Sep 4, 2023

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Ruben Greth of The Capital Raiser Show.

Best Masterclass Yet! Neal Bawa got all Mad Scientist on us with his insights on numerous aspects of the industry, the economy, multifamily data, bridge loans and inflation. Don’t skip this one!
Topics covered include:

  • How BTR got started
  • What is BTR?
  • People don’t consider apartments like their own home
  • Benefits of BTR
  • How do you sell and raise capital for BTR?
  • Is the economy right for BTR?
  • Right now is a great time for Land Banking and Land Squatting
  • When interest rates go up, apartment values go down, land goes way down
  • How do you talk about inflation with investors?
  • People on the sidelines are not investors, they’re speculators
  • Is Multifamily Red Ocean right now?
  • When will Bridge lending come back?
  • Cap rates are trailing indicator of the cycle!
  • BTR is Multifamily! In order to sell BTR to people you must convince them of that!