Mission 10K

Nov 21, 2023

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Dr. Sachin Maskey of Dream Big and Think Different Podcast.
Join us today as we explore Neal's groundbreaking techniques, revolutionize your approach to multifamily investments, and embark on a journey to unprecedented success in real estate.

Discover Neal Bawa, the real estate industry’s “Mad Scientist of Multifamily,” a tech expert with a passion for data-driven success.

Neal’s innovative approach turns a $1B portfolio into efficient experiments, maximizing profits for his 900+ investors. His powerful mantras, “We can only manage what we can measure” and “Data beats gut feel,” challenge traditional methods and drive unparalleled results.

As the CEO of Multifamily University, Neal shares his transformative insights through engaging speeches, seminars, and podcasts. Investors longing for a competitive edge find inspiration in his unique strategies.

Episode Keypoints

1. Neal Bawa’s Journey from Data Geek to Technological Visionary – Neal’s childhood dream, rooted in the idea of America as a land of endless possibilities, guided him through his struggles with borderline autism. His unique perspective, viewing the world through numbers, became his greatest strength, shaping his approach to problem-solving and innovation.

2. Revolutionizing Real Estate with Data – Neal’s journey in real estate began with a challenge: to redefine property investment beyond traditional metrics. Through his groundbreaking course, “Location Magic,” Neal simplified complex data, empowering thousands to make informed decisions swiftly.

3. GroCapitus: Where Innovation Meets Process Excellence – In 2013, after selling his technology company for a significant sum, Neal Bawa embarked on a mission to combine his expertise in technology, data, and outsourcing with real estate. While formally establishing GroCapitus in 2018, Neal had been honing his skills as a real estate syndicator since 2014. His unique approach involves building a meticulous process-driven system, integrating data research and outsourcing methodologies.

4. Mission 10K: Neal Bawa’s Quest for Affordable American Homes – At GroCapitus, Neal Bawa’s focus has shifted to address America’s housing shortage. Dissatisfied with merely upgrading existing properties, he’s embarked on a transformative mission: Mission 10K. His goal is to build 10,000 affordable townhomes, offering a middle-ground solution for the 18 million families caught between apartments and single-family homes.

Key Takeaways

Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy.

~ Warren Buffet

Today, there’s an opportunity and a lack of money. Why? Because investors are thinking we can make 4.5% in the bank. And that is the worst, worst way to think.

~ Neal Bawa

You’re losing more money today. You know what’s the only thing that’s changed? You’re happy losing money. All the investors are like, ‘I’m making 4 1/2%.’ No, you’re losing 1 1/2%, and for the last ten years, you’ve been losing 1%. You’re now losing more, and you’re happy.

~ Neal Bawa