Marketing with Neal Bawa

Jan 18, 2021

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Gary Lipsky of the Real Estate Asset Management Podcast.

Our guest today is Neal Bawa from Multifamily University and he is here to speak to us about his business and how he uses technology and data to stand out in the real estate market! Neal believes that doing your own marketing is preferable and this means going out and making sure you are seen! He explains his ideas of mega marketing and mega leasing and how they fit into his business model. These concepts are not necessarily for everyone but there might be a way that they can be incorporated into different size businesses, as Neal admits that his mega leasing strategy only makes money in a large-scale model. Our guest also emphasizes his reliance on data and how following the numbers in the industry enables him to stay ahead of the game. We finish off our conversation thinking about the constant work that is required in multifamily real estate and how to address the never-ending line of bottlenecks that arise. For all this, join us on another great edition of our Asset Management Fridays, here at the Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate podcast!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Neal’s attitude toward third-party property management for marketing.
  • The concepts of mega marketing and mega leasing and how Neal employs these.
  • The services and site where Neal posts ads and how he makes sure not to get buried.
  • Considering how to employ Neal’s strategies at a smaller scale.
  • Neal’s asset management superpower! Using data and trends to excel!
  • Addressing issues and relieving bottlenecks constantly for successful asset management.


“I believe that syndicators should be doing their own marketing in just about every instance.” — @nealbawa [0:02:24]

“Mega marketing is the process of generating a large number of tenant leads or prospect tenant leads by actively engaging tenants and doing a very large number of listings across the board.” — @nealbawa [0:02:57]

“Basically, almost all of the profit in the apartment industry is between the 87% and the 97% mark.” — @nealbawa [0:06:32]