How to Leverage the Power of Technology to Drive Efficiencies in Acquisition and Management of Syndicated Properties with Neal Bawa

Dec 10, 2018

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Whitney Sewell of The Real Estate Syndication Show.

In this episode, Whitney interviews Neal Bawa, Founder and CEO, GroCapitus Investments. Neal’s current portfolio of 1,000 units is set to grow to 2,000 units over the next 12 months. Neal shares how you can leverage the power of technology and data to scout, acquire and manage syndicated properties. Which economic indicators should you analyze before syndicating a property? Neal shares his [20:30:40] rule for scouting properties with unlocked value. We also discuss the importance of active asset management in real estate syndication. Tune in to learn how you can run your business more efficiently.

In this episode, you will learn:

    • How technology can help streamline property acquisition and management in real estate syndication
    • How to analyze economic indicators to scout and buy value add properties for real estate syndication
    • Why multifamily syndication allows for more efficient property management