Global negative bond yields – the current state of the bizarre global economy
Neal Bawa discusses his analysis of the current global economy including Bloomberg’s recent report that $17 trillion worth of world-wide bonds have now gone negative — which means the bonds’ yield has fallen below zero. Having $17 trillion dollars of negative yielding debt has never happened in the history of the world before. So how will this affect the real estate market? Is a recession imminent?

You won’t want to miss the insightful analysis Neal provides, and his advice for real estate investors.

“Today…the [economic] stuff that is happening on a world-wide basis is so ridiculously bizarre, that I can’t imagine anything like this happening.” – Neal Bawa

Discussion topics and questions with our guest, Neal Bawa
[05:15] Introduction of our guest, Neal Bawa
[07:32] Neal’s high-level analysis of what’s going on in the global economy
[10:23] Why would someone buy a negative yield bond?
[13:39[ How will the global negative bond yield affect us?
[17:10] What is Neal seeing as far as foreign investors that are coming into the U.S. market?
[19:48] Do you feel like we’re in a bubble?
[22:07] What’s the possibility of a recession, and how would it happen?
[25:22] How do we combat a recession like we’ve done in the past?
[31:12] Does the Fed have to continue to lower interest rates?
[35:52] How are you advising investors about this pending crisis?
[37:00] How does China fit into this equation with the trade war and the devaluing of their currency – and that they are the largest holder of U.S. debt?
[46:35] How can listeners contact Neal?
[48:44] Closing remarks by Eric and Steven

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