ACCELERATE YOUR DEAL FLOW: Analyze Millions of Properties to Instantly Survey Rent and Expense Comps and Identify Value-Add Opportunities Webinar Replay

Are you using old, ineffective deal analysis approaches that are costly, labor intensive, and generate poor results leading to poor investment decisions? Are you a value-add investor that would love a fast way to determine if a deal is one where you can make money or not?

On this webinar, together with our special presenter, Marc Rutzen, we will show you a blazingly fast way to analyze deals and make better investment decisions backed by data-driven assumptions.

Watch the recording here:

Join us in Atlanta, for our only east coast bootcamp this year, where we will bring our A game for 3 unforgettable days of training and networking.

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“It really was the most bang for the buck of any event I have attended and I met people that I will be teaming up with.”
– Scott Peterson

When we first started talking about this bootcamp, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t one of those upsell pitchfests. It needed to have both insane value, and absolutely no upsell ever. And that’s what you get every second of every day at the bootcamp.

Join us for 3 magical days of training that show you exactly how to make multifamily purchases that turn intoPASSIVE INCOME STREAMS that reward you year after year.


One final thought.  If you are as impressed with the Enodo platform as we are, and subscribe to the Enodo service, you will save more than enough money in the course of a year to completely pay for bootcamp.

Here’s how. Bootcampers get a 90% discount on the Enodo platform, saving an additional $300/month over non-bootcampers.

300/mo savings x 12 = $3600

Cost of bootcamp only $3,247!

This is just one of the many perks of being a bootcamper. 


Apartment Magic Bootcamp

Acclaimed, no-fluff, no upsell, step-by-step multifamily cash flow system


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