Mad Scientist of Multifamily and Founder of MultifamilyU

Nov 5, 2019

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Josh McCallen and John Edwin of the Capital Hacking.

Neal Bawa is known as the “Mad Scientist of Multifamily.” He is a technologist, international speaker, and CEO of Grocapitus Investments. He is also the founder of MultifamilyU, a learning resource portal for real estate investors. We sat down for a wild ride with Neal as he shares amazing stories on how he data-hacks to create investment opportunities. He details how he was thrown into his first syndication deal out of necessity to sell office space in a corporate campus while having no real estate experience. Neal also shares how he was able to rent out properties in a lesser-known area by location hacking another showcase property in a popular town. We then learn how to reduce your salary through the magic of depreciation, plus how to meet accredited investors by supercharging your LinkedIn network.