Finding the Bigger Picture: 1031 Exchanges

Jun 6, 2022

Anna Myers
This podcast guesting of Anna Myers is hosted by Michael Holman of The Executive Real Estate Investing Show.

This week on The Executive Real Estate Investing Show, host Michael Holman talks with Anna Myers. As Chief Operating Officer at Grocapitus, Anna Myers takes a data-driven approach to find potential development projects. And it was her obsession with numbers and keeping her share of profits from real estate sales that led her to discover the joys of a 1031 exchange. 1031 is a great way to defer taxes by selling investment property and immediately purchasing more property that is valued higher. And it works for single-family, commercial, and even multi-family syndication.

Listen now as Anna walks us through the ins and outs of 1031, and how you can use a 1031 exchange to passively invest in real estate.