Evaluating Market Needs in Real Estate Syndication

Mar 31, 2023

Neal Bawa
This guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Christion Sadler and Caloni Michelle of The Fundication Show.

Neal Bawa is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and educator in the real estate industry. He is widely regarded as a true leader in the space, having delivered over 1,000 talks on the subject in the United States and abroad. Born and raised in India, Neal moved to the United States in the late 1980s to pursue a career in the tech industry. He held leadership positions in several large technology companies, including Novell and Microsoft, before eventually venturing into the world of real estate. Neal’s passion for real estate investing began in the early 2000s, when he started investing in rental properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

He quickly realized the potential of real estate as an asset class and began to explore ways to scale his investments. In 2012, Neal founded Grocapitus, a real estate investment company that specializes in multifamily properties. Since then, he has successfully completed over 4,000 multifamily units across the United States, representing over $500 million in value. In addition to his work at Grocapitus, Neal is also the founder and CEO of MultifamilyU, an educational platform that provides training and mentorship to real estate investors. He has taught over 15,000 students in the United States and abroad, sharing his expertise in topics ranging from multifamily investing to real estate market analysis and deal flow structuring. Neal Bawa is a true master of real estate investing and syndication. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he has helped countless individuals achieve their financial goals through real estate investing.