Data Science Meets Real Estate: Neal Bawa’s Innovative Investment Approach

Mar 1, 2024

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Steve Fierros of The Cashflow Project.
Welcome back to The Cashflow Project, your hub for real estate, investment, and innovation insights. In today's episode, we reconnect with Neal Bawa, a data-driven force reshaping real estate investment. Neal challenges market norms, spotlighting Idaho and Utah as data-backed frontrunners over Texas and Florida.

Our dive explores Provo, Utah’s investment appeal, from cost-effective universities to a growing tech corridor and world-class skiing – a personal interest for Neal. Beyond attractive locations, Neal’s focus extends to filling market gaps. His build-to-rent model aims to construct 10,000 townhomes, redefining affordable housing. Join us for Neal’s innovative strategies, data insights, and his mission to align investor returns with societal benefits. Don’t miss this episode packed with expert advice and groundbreaking perspectives. Lock in, and let’s get ready to be inspired on The Cashflow Project.

[00:00] Real estate market change, seek Neal’s advice.

[03:21] Excited to hear your experienced market insight.

[06:32] Matching data, learning from build-to-rent process.

[12:33] Neal aimed for $2,000 rents in various markets.

[15:59] Companies build large complexes in Reno, targeting California.

[18:55] Building in new cities, offering financial security.

[21:03] Innovative loan solution empowers aggressive bank engagement.

[23:44] Hawaii community desires to give back. Dual-value investment.

[27:01] Texas and Florida not fastest growing states. Idaho and Utah are surprisingly fastest growing. Social media misinformation leads to acceptance as fact. Data scientist monitors and tracks market changes.

[31:50] Think outside the box, bring unique value.

[34:55] Steve F. plans to retire from syndications.

[37:52] Neal consistently delivers amazing, thought-provoking content.

[39:32] Interview highlights changes in real estate industry.

[42:42] Sign off, take action, provide value, aloha.