2024 Economic Outlook

Apr 1, 2024

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Brien Lundin, Bridger Pennington and Neal Bawa is hosted by Bronson Hill of Mailbox Money Show.
Welcome to this episode. Today we discuss investment strategies and market projections for the year 2024. Joining us is a distinguished panel of esteemed professionals in the realm of real estate renowned for their expertise, innovative strategies, and outstanding contributions to the industry.

Brien Lundin

President and CEO of Jefferson Financial, Inc., and the driving force behind the renowned New Orleans Investment Conference and Gold Newsletter. With over four decades of experience in investment markets, Brien’s insights span resource stocks, macroeconomics, and geopolitical dynamics.


Bridger Pennington

Co-Founder of Fund Launch and GP at Ugly Unicorn. Founder of Black Bridge Holdings, Bridger embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22. With over 225 deals to his name, Bridger is dedicated to empowering aspiring fund managers through Fund Launch.


Neal Bawa

the Mad Scientist of Multifamily and CEO/Founder of Grocapitus. Known for his data-driven approach and expertise in commercial real estate, Neal is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the industry.


In this episode, our esteemed panel will dissect pressing topics including the economic outlook for 2024, the impact of interest rate fluctuations, and the role of digital currency in reshaping the financial landscape. Additionally, we’ll explore real estate market dynamics, cryptocurrency trends, and the potential of alternative investments in the current climate. Tune in now for exclusive insights from our expert panelists and stay ahead of the curve in your investment journey!




00:40 – Guest Introduction: Brien Lundin, Bridger Pennington, and Neal Bawa

02:38 – Economic outlook for 2024 and the impact of higher interest rates

04:57 – Market predictions and concerns for potential rate cuts and economic impact.

09:35 – The impact of rate cuts on different assets

15:20 – The potential impact of the Federal Reserve’s rate-cutting cycle on various investments

20:15 – The role of digital currency in the economy reset

24:03 – The discussion on debt, currencies, and the potential for a shift in the financial system

30:02 – Real estate market insights and investment opportunities

34:20 – The current state and future outlook of the cryptocurrency market

38:50 – The potential for gold and uranium in the current market

44:13 – The impact of the election on metal prices and the potential of blockchain technology

50:13 – The potential impact of digital currencies on real estate