2023 Housing Market Forecast (Why Real Estate WILL Remain Strong!)

Sep 15, 2022

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting Neal Bawa is hosted by Toby Mathis Esq. of Toby Mathis Esq. | Tax & Asset Protection
In this episode, Toby Mathis of Anderson Business Advisors welcomes Neal Bawa back to the show. Neal is the founder and CEO of Grocapitus, a commercial real estate investment company, and CEO of MultifamilyU, an apartment investing education company. He’s known as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily and uses the power of numbers to acquire properties and create profit for investors.

Is the housing market actually in trouble? All the clickbait articles and doomsayers would have you believe so, but the facts are very different.

Neal walks us through the facts and data surrounding our economy right now and looks at historical trends to predict that by mid to late 2023, we will probably be looking at much better interest rates than we’re seeing currently. People may not realize that in the global economy, the U.S. is still one of the cheapest real estate markets, relative to individual salaries, and Neal explains that we’re actually lucky that we have a Fed that can help correct our markets when they begin to spiral out of control.


Fed rates: look at nine past recessions to see how the market corrects

Freight costs: watch container costs from China to predict global demand

S. economy: we are the strongest in the world, other countries are much worse off than we are currently

Clickbait: ignore the noise and alarmist articles you see on social media, look for the data and facts

Unemployment and housing demand: demand will return to normal, but prices will remain high

Retail and Travel: performing/demand is better than ever

Europe’s housing market: the majority of properties are owned by investors

Looking at historical data: the 2007/08 bubble is the only anomaly of the last 100 years!

liquidity: get yours in line now while it’s cheap


  • The U.S. real estate market: compared to India, China, Europe, it’s the cheapest in the world relative to individual salaries