Using VAs, 2024+ predictions, The Utah Market

Dec 21, 2023

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Brian O'Neill of Harder Working Money.

In this podcast, Brian O’Neill interviews Neal Bawa about the use of virtual assistants and their impact on business operations and personal life. Neal emphasizes the importance of changing the mindset to understand that everyone should have a virtual assistant, as they can greatly improve the quality of life. He provides examples of unconventional uses of virtual assistants, such as finding virtual physiotherapists and managing credit cards for travel benefits. Neal also discusses the need to create systems and processes to effectively utilize virtual assistants and the importance of experimentation and celebrating failure. He shares insights on the real estate market, including the impact of fiscal policy, the affordability gap between renting and buying, and the potential for a market correction. Neal highlights the efficiency and profitability of townhomes and the potential of Logan, Utah as a real estate market.