The Future of Wellness Real Estate and Build-to-Rent

Feb 8, 2023

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Reed Goossens of Investing In The U.S.

What are wellness real estate and build-to-rent? How do these make life easier for tenants, and how do investors profit from them? The Mad Scientists of Multifamily, Neal Bawa, is on the show with us this week to give us answers.

Neal Bawa is the CEO and co-founder of UGro Investments and Grocapitus, two real estate companies that utilize advanced real estate analytics technology to source, acquire, and build large commercial and multifamily properties across the country.

Neal treats his whopping $1 billion portfolio as an experiment in efficiency and optimization, earning him the moniker, the Mad Scientist of Multifamily among real estate circles. As an expert technologist, Neal is one of the best sources of insights, techniques, and hard facts on multifamily real estate.

In our highly anticipated interview with Neal, we go into heavy detail about wellness real estate and how Neal has helped transform this niche into something highly beneficial for both investors and tenants. We also delve into Neal’s thoughts about the economy, the future of the post-recession US, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).



1. Most people don’t know that the unhealthiest places you can be are indoors.

2. People have become more concerned about ROI coming out of COVID.

3. Household formation usually becomes negative six months before a recession and three months after.

4. The US is running out of usable land due to a lack of infrastructure.