Neal Bawa – Less Distress

Feb 16, 2024

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Gary Lipsky of Real Estate Investor Podcast.
There is so much talk of distress in the real estate world so today on the Real Estate Investor Podcast, we are getting an incredible breakdown of it from Neal Bawa. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Neal’s career, how you can ‘do the math’ for multi-family properties in distress, a breakdown of distress and debunking of myths, and more! Our guest reminds us that bad investments are inevitable before sharing his thoughts on distress funds. Neal also believes that we will see recession-like conditions in 2024 and finally, tells us why this is a teriffic time to buy property. You don’t want to miss this incredible analysis so be sure to press play now!

A brief overview of today’s guest, Neal Bawa. ‘Doing the math’ for multi-family properties in distress and when the word is used incorrectly. Neal breaks down real estate distress and debunks some distress myths. A reminder that bad investments are normal in all industries. Neal shares his thoughts on private equity companies and operators having distress funds. Why he’s forecasting recession-like conditions for 2024. Neal tells us why this is a great time to buy property.