How to Analyze Data to Invest in the Best Markets with Neal Bawa

Dec 10, 2019

Neal Bawa
This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Sean Pan of the We Love Real Estate Podcast with Sean Pan.
Neal is a multifamily syndicator, meetup group leader, and creator of the multifamily education company, MultifamilyU. Today, Neal will go over the key metrics to look for when deciding on a market to invest in and will give us excellent tips on how we can become better asset managers.

Key points


  • Most investors focus on two things: how much rent the tenants will be paying and what the property looks like. However, they don’t realize that it’s more than just those two factors.
  • The five demographic factors/metrics that drive success or failure in real estate investing, that investors should be keeping track of are: population growth, job growth, income growth, home price growth, and crime reduction.
  • Never invest in a city where the population is not growing, no matter how much the cash flow is. Population growth is a factor that leads to income growth, that in turn leads to increases in home prices by up to 40%
  • Crime reduction is an important factor because a lower crime rate in a city means low delinquency rate and low evictions.
  • Spending money to acquire data and be able to make informed real estate investing decisions is wise and not a waste of money. Not investing in data and using it means you’re just speculating.
  • There are no bad property managers; just bad asset managers. As an asset manager, part of your job is to take care of your property manager. His/her performance is a reflection of your performance.
  • You can either take action or make an effort to educate yourself. But the one thing you can’t do is sit on the sidelines and be a spectator.