A Simple 3 Step Approach To Buying Below Market Multifamily Properties For Higher Profits

…and how you can save time leveraging technology


Are you using old, ineffective deal analysis approaches that are costly, labor intensive, and generate poor results leading to poor investment decisions? Are you a value-add investor that would love a fast way to determine if a deal is one where you can make money or not?

On this webinar, together with our special presenter, Marc Rutzen, we will show you a blazingly fast way to analyze deals and make better investment decisions backed by data-driven assumptions.

Watch the recording here:


As promised on the webinar, here is your special coupon information.


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Disclaimer: as stated in the webinar, MultifamilyU/Grocapitus does not receive any compensation from Enodo when our subscribers purchase their automation platform. We are passing 100% of the special pricing on to you because we want our community to have access to this information so you can find undervalued multifamily properties with less time and hassle.

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