“Avoiding Risky Real Estate Markets With High Prices Or Poor Prospects” Webinar Replay

Join Neal and brilliant guest, Ingo Winzer, the CEO of Local Market Monitor, on a fascinating and eye popping journey around the U.S. Fly over California as Ingo shows you the least risky and most risky metros in California. 28 California metros will be discussed. Only TWO are considered low risk !! Watch the replay below to discover which ones they are. Ingo will also show you the average rent increases from 2010 to 2016, so you know how much head room there is for further growth in these 28 metros.
Below is a recorded demo of Local Market Monitor’s powerful product, driven by Carolyn Beggs, their VP of Operations. Carolyn also included a huge gift; free access to 3 very powerful reports:

  1. Investment ratings for U.S. markets, varying from Low Risk, Medium Risk, Speculative to Dangerous.
  2. A Growth and Risk summary report. There are so many low risk markets in the U.S. that are, unfortunately, also slow growth. But there a few dozen markets in the U.S. that are low risk / High Growth. All of these markets are on one page.
  3. A short list of the Lowest Risk and Highest Risk markets in the U.S.

The reports includes all of the PDF files that Ingo used in the webinarPopulation growth, job growth and home prices for many different cities in the U.S.We also included Ingo’s favorite Top 10 lists

  • Top 10 markets for long term investing
  • Top 10 overheated markets where you should sell your home in 2018
  • Top 10 markets to invest in 2018

Watch the 15 minute demo to learn how Local Market Monitor makes the process of discovering the best markets so trivial. They also show you how you can full forecasts for your own real estate portfolio, or investigate markets, down to the zip code level. It’s super powerful stuff !! Click here to access all the reports.