The coronavirus pandemic has impacted cities across the country with varying force. New York City has been hardest hit, and it’s no secret that the Big Apple is going to be one of the places that will have the most challenging time bouncing back from the coronavirus pandemic, no matter when things subside.

But which cities will have the best coronavirus recovery? And which other cities will struggle? Moody’s Analytics has issued a report that examines the potential to recover from coronavirus among the top 100 metro areas in the US—and while some of the results are to be expected, some are more surprising.

“The most dynamic recoveries may well bypass traditional powerhouses and take place instead in areas that either were or were poised to lead the way in 2020 before everything changed,” writes Adam Kamins, senior regional economist at Moody’s Analytics and the author of the report.

Moody’s grouped the 10 cities best positioned to recover quickly from the coronavirus pandemic and the 10 cities with the worst chance of recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. “Note that they are sorted alphabetically in order to avoid assigning false precision to our calculations,” Kamins told Forbes Women.

Sorted in alphabetical order

Boise city, ID

Denver, CO

Durham, NC

Madison, WI

Provo, UT

Raleigh, NC

Salt Lake City, UT

San Jose, CA

Tucson, AZ

Washington DC

Sorted in alphabetical order

Detroit, MI

Honolulu, HI

Los Angeles, CA

McAllen, TX

Miami, FL

New Haven, CT

New York City, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Stockton, CA

Tampa, FL

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Four of the TOP 10 cities named are cities we invest in:



It’ is human tendency to read powerful information like this and then simply do nothing. But opportunity like this does not hang around. So, get up and take massive action, my friends.

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Disclaimer: National or regional rankings do not mean that all investments in a state or metro will do well. All good/great cities have bad neighborhoods and sketchy properties. I am not an investment advisor. Take this information for what you will, and do lots and lots of old-fashioned due diligence before you buy anything. Real estate has risks, take the time to understand them. And talk with an investment advisor.