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Striking Gold with Data

Neal: Data is the oil of the 21st century. Right? So once you had an oil well in your backyard, you didn't go and find other ways to invest you just made sure that you dug another well next to it you with data. It's literally like oil. It keeps giving for decades at a...

Using the Real Data to Pick Markets

Neal: Yeah. Sure Adam. Thanks for having me on the show. I'm a technologist. You know, I haven't done a thousand loans. I haven't flipped a hundred homes. I got into real estate actually through my day job in technology. I was running a company. I was the chief...

Using Data to Win Big with Anna Myers

Using data science to look at market fundamentals may not be the sexy approach, but it is the most successful. Anna Myers covers key data points to look at and where to find opportunity. She also gets into Opportunity Zones and how to profit using the advantages of...

Proven Property Buying Data Driven Strategies

Clint: Welcome, everyone. Hi, it’s Clint Coons here with Anderson Business Advisors and this is another one of our weekly podcast episodes where we are going to talk about real estate investing today. You all know that I’m an avid real estate investor. I have over a...

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