Hindsight really is, as the cliche says, “20-20.”  Looking back on all the mistakes I made as a newbie real estate investor often has me believing they could all have been avoided “if only…”

The reality though is that I probably would have still made some pretty serious errors when I was getting started.  

Costly mistakes were  inevitable because there was no one to show me how to do things the right way.  Everyone around me seemed stuck in an investing rut; using tired old school methods that I discovered weren’t working well in an increasingly tech-focused world.   

I wound up losing time and money, but ultimately came out on top because I was forced to create my own data-driven, scientific protocols to make real estate investment outcomes more powerful and predictable.  

Thing is, whether you invest in one of my projects or someone else’s, these proven, reliable strategies WORK.  And, I freely share them with anyone who wants to cut the learning curves inherent in real estate investment and speed up the process of making more money in real estate while avoiding paying too much in tax.

One of the first things any real estate investor needs to get a handle on is the process by which one chooses the right cities and neighborhoods in which to invest.  This doesn’t need to be a gut-driven, touchy-feely kind of process.

Choosing the right cities and neighborhoods is not a matter of looking at the prestige, physical attractiveness, or reputation of an area.  It’s also not a matter of believing claims from developers that an area is “pre-gentrification” or in the midst of some kind of building Renaissance.

Selecting the proper areas in which to invest means stepping away from your own prejudices and perceptions and instead concentrating on what the objective data tells you about whether or not you should put your money into a certain project.

There are tools (most are free!) and methodologies you can use to ensure that you select only the very best cities and neighborhoods in which to put your hard-earned investment dollars.

I’ll share them all with you in this 60 minute video.  After you watch it and think about it later, please send me your questions and comments.

I know you’re going to love the information I share in this video and put it to good use as you seek to make your real estate investing dreams come true.

Here’s to the data!