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Distribution is Restricted
This template is the copyrighted property of Multifamily University. Distribution or modification or resale of this product is strictly prohibited.

Errors and Omissions
Multifamily University makes no claims about the accuracy of the formulas contained in this template. We have verified the formulas as best as we can using volunteers, but you agree that it is your responsibility to verify all formulas before use.

Rules of Thumb Need Verification in All Cases
Certain cells in this template may come with Rules of Thumbs. It’s important to understand that Rules of Thumb are exactly that. They vary by city and even within a city. It is your responsibility to verify rules of thumbs with local property managers, brokers and other knowledgeable people.

Foundational Knowledge Needed
Apartment Investing is inherently complex. It is your responsibility to understand the terminology used in this spreadsheet correctly. Multifamily University is not responsible for incomplete or incorrect input. In short, Garbage in equals Garbage out.

Template Does Not Represent Performance
Template is provided for general estimation. It does not provide any advice that can be considered financially (or legally) sound. Also, templates do not guarantee (and may not even represent) the actual performance of a property. It is prudent to assume that the project will perform lower than the model itself. Multifamily University and its affiliates, officers, employees, contractors are EXPRESSLY not responsible for any kind of losses or causes of action of any type, to occur due to your use of this template. Real estate is inherently risky and there are a great number of inputs and variables that affect performance, many of them far beyond the scope of this template. Also, this template does not constitute a full evaluation of the potential project, and you and your investors are fully responsible for independent evaluations of your project. Consulting professionals, attorneys and tax advisors as necessary to drive your analysis.

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