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Finally Get A Complete Step-By-Step Plan To Successfully Invest In Multifamily Real Estate Properties

Empower yourself to confidently buy and manage properties that generate a steady stream of tax-advantaged passive income.


Step-By-Step System

Learn my complete system for successfully buying and managing apartment complexes with 50, 100, 200 units or more.


Discover shortcuts, secrets and strategies that you have never seen before—with a clear roadmap to success.

Absolutely No Upsells

Completely pitch-free with no upsells, coaching, mentoring, or other nonsense, just 100% sleaze-free knowledge.

Live Online

Ask questions in real-time. Answer interactive polls and quizzes. Participate in ‘on-your-own’ and ‘with-a-group’ hands on labs.

What You WIll Learn In Apartment Magic e-Bootcamp

My acclaimed bootcamp arms you with all the information you need to confidently invest in apartment complexes—either on your own, or together with others—to create passive income.

This is an entertaining, content-rich, “zero-fluff” bootcamp held live online. I will be throwing up interactive polls and quizzes, that will help you absorb the content and provide live feedback.

Hundreds of students just like you have been pleasantly surprised—time after time—by the quality and depth of this bootcamp.

The Bootcamp Is Organized Into 10 Content-Packed Modules And 12 High Value Bonuses:

(The recordings for live modules are posted in the student portal within 24 hours)

The bootcamp starts off with a bang, where you will discover how to overcome one of the biggest mental barriers most students face – how to pitch to investors. This module alone is worth the entire cost of the bootcamp!

How to show investors why syndication is the right investment vehicle to grow their wealth

How to overcome your fears of approaching and talking with investors.

How to answer common investor questions and objections so you can talk to investors with confidence and conviction.

The nuances that you need to know to intelligently have conversations with your investors and wow them with your knowledge

The latest market trends that are driving an insane level of multifamily growth, even during COVID

How to get your investors hooked on investing with you over and over and over again

I’ll help you understand every aspect of the syndication process and all the different roles that you and others will play when you raise money from investors to buy a large Multifamily project.
The governing rules of a syndication, and how they apply to accredited and sophisticated investors.
All of the “players” in a syndication, and what they get out of it, including how much they make.
The typical fees charged in a syndication project.
The different entity structures you can use for your syndication and when to use each one.
The legal documents you will need for your entity and your investors.
How to manage your limited partners.

You’ll learn Metro selection like you’ve never seen it before with tangible, step by step instructions using free and paid tool. Then we zero in on  neighborhood selction which is extremely important because every city has neighborhoods that run the gamut from great to “warzone.”

How to accurately identify hot and emerging real estate markets and avoid wasting your time and money in flat or declining markets.
21 top cities and Metropolitan statistical areas (metros) for cash flow apartment investing. Is your backyard any good?
How to use critical metrics like household income, poverty level, and unemployment levels to select neighborhoods in a graphical, simple to use way.
How to see the path of progress as it flows like a river through a city, visually identifying the best investment neighborhoods.
How to avoid the dreaded zero and negative growth areas of a city.

This is a live demo and lab filled module with easy step-by-step instructions.

FOUR different ways to quickly find properties and brokers.

Loopnet’s biggest secret – how to find ideal properties that are not listed on the site.

Where to find deals that you can win more often and at lower prices.

The exact questions to ask to discover if a seller is motivated or not.

How to build relationships with brokers to get pocket listings.

How to buy out-of-state at 5-10% below market rate using mailers.

How do you separate the clunker properties from the home runs?
The key steps you must complete before you start analyzing properties.
The first “make or break” filters for a deal.
Commercial analyzer tool walkthrough explaining critical elements such as capital expenses, closing and acquisition costs, insurance, repairs and maintenance, and more.
How to determine a competitive offer price without over bidding.
Handy rules of thumb that can help you speed up the underwriting process.
The top 3 most common pitfalls to avoid.
Finding, evaluating and managing your property managers is THE most important skill of all—if you do it right your job gets so much easier.
Four effective platforms you can use to find high quality property managers.
An extensive Property Manager Question Checklist to help you find the right property manager in a sea of vague answers and questionable skills.
How to do quality ‘sneaky’ reference checks to get the inside scoop on a property manager.
Critical metrics for occupancy, traffic, and more—and exactly when to monitor each one.
How to efficiently manage property managers using reports, calls, metrics, and site visits.
In this module you will learn EXACTLY how I raised $40+ Million in less than 2 years  from retail investors.
The four phases of money raising and how to build a rock solid foundation for your system.
8 different lead generation platforms you can leverage to build credibility and attract investors.
The exact steps you need to turn cold leads into warm leads—and finally, into investors.
How to present a project and create a Sample Project Package for investors.
Blow-by-blow demo and templates showing you how you can raise millions of dollars in 60 days, including the 25+ major steps.
Our world class efficiency center systems, processes and resources that optimize NOI to a level that is revered in the industry. We’ll actually show you our properties, what we did with them after buying, what went well, what went wrong, etc.
The key people you need on the project management team.
How to hold your PM accountable using project management software and communication software.
7 market stats the Asset Manager needs to monitor to stay on top of the local market.
Monthly, quarterly, and yearly investor reporting that will make you a rock star to your investors and set you apart from other syndicators.
Our world class efficiency center systems, processes and resources that optimize NOI to a level that is revered in the industry. We’ll actually show you our properties, what we did with them after buying, what went well, what went wrong, etc.
At the end of the bootcamp, you receive a tangible, activity-driven, 45-day action plan with step-by-step instructions on how you can get started with buying apartments in just 60 minutes a day.

Our students say this is a definite game changer and rave about the action plan!

We will give you our model for improving operations and increasing profits so you can hit an out of the park home run for your investors.

The Digital Student Resource Kit  contains dozens of invaluable check lists, worksheets, templates and resources—everything you need to get started.

The kit includes demand projections, apartment due diligence, top multifamily brokers, commercial real estate lenders, loan due diligence, city comparison worksheets, sample mailer templates, and more…

Created by our top-notch team of multifamily underwriting and acquisition analysts, this template will allow you to quickly and easily evaluate potential acquisitions.

The template is designed to eliminate complexity and allow you to make decisions on properties fast.

Meet other eBootcampers and get everything setup so you can hit the ground running for the first session.

Get to know other eBootcampers. It’s not uncommon for students to partner and buy apartments together, or invest in each others deals. The people you meet in bootcamp could be life -changing!

We’re opening the virtual doors to allow our previous bootcampers to join in on the fun and learning powered by games and memorable networking activities.

The bootcamp may be virtual, but there will be many opportunities to network with current and past bootcampers.

bootcamp testimonial akshay
“I’ve spent over $20,000 on conferences and the best money I’ve ever spent is on Neal Bawa’s Apartment Magic Bootcamp”
bootcamp testimonial akshay
“My expectations were high just hearing what I’ve heard through the podcasts, but my expectations were exceeded by 1001%.
bootcamp testimonial akshay
“With all the information, with all the resources he’s providing us I know that I can do it because he’s given us the blueprint. It was phenomenal.”
bootcamp testimonial akshay
“Not only did I learned topics, technique and tips but I learned how to utilize my talents and my gifts to partner up with other people that were here”

Elite Ticket

Register with An Elite Ticket

and You’ll Also Get These Additional Bonuses

You’ll receive U.S. apartment demand projections from 2017 until 2030 for the top 50 metros, giving you insights into specific submarkets and neighborhoods.

This information is critical for making good buying and selling decisions!

Get “backstage” access to partners, investors, deals and sponsors when you become a member of our Magic of Multifamily Secret Society private Facebook community.

Team up with other investors in the community and build your portfolio faster.

Neal’s favorite syndication attorney Jillian Sidoti offers price tips on how you can raise money legally, and provide guidance on entity (LLC) structures and a lot more in this educational video.

This is the outstanding spreadsheet that we use to manage all of our properties in the Grocapitus portfolio.

Our MMR is a simple but powerful tool for tracking key metrics for maximizing the cash flow from your apartments. It is a weekly dashboard that can help you identify warning signs early.

Get an up-close look at the underwriting and investment summaries for four previous Grocapitus projects. Each of these projects are unique and in this module, we walk you through all the figures, projections and strategies we used to generate cash flow for our investors from these distinct properties.

Would you like to have more free time while growing your business 10X faster?

I’ll show you where and how to find low-cost VAs. You’ll learn exactly how to screen them to hire the cream of the crop.

Turbocharge profits with LASAL revenue management system.

Maximize your rental property’s gains with Neal’s unique 5-step income booster.

When you register, you’ll get access to a previous online bootcamp so you can get up to speed fast…

and hit the ground running when it’s time to attend Apartment Magic eBootcamp.

Why Apartment Magic… And Why Now?

I’m going to level with you. I teach the last “honest” apartment investing course in America.

Other courses are “trojan horses” that make you think you’re going to learn—then relentlessly pitch you expensive high-ticket coaching.

Not mine. I teach you everything you need to know to invest in multifamily real estate more confidently. And when I say everything, I mean it.

And I do it in a pitch-free, no-fluff, 100% above-board course full of hours of my hard-earned secrets and my best tactics and techniques.

You will discover that acquiring new properties is as simple as following a proven process that I’ve taught to hundreds of successful investors – and one that you will learn live online in just two weeks…


The course is LIVE online, so you can ask whatever questions you have and get immediate answers
You’ll walk away with a step-by-step plan for buying the RIGHT property at the RIGHT time for the RIGHT price that you can immediately implement.
Get all of my knowledge – without any low-value garbage or sleazy up-sell tactics.
You’ll be empowered to confidently buy and manage properties that generate thousands of dollars of passive income per month.

You Have 2 Choices:

Register now with your Gold ticket and receive the digital student kit, our underwriting template, and 3 new bonuses…

Or order Elite and get all 12 bonuses.

Get started now by choosing your registration option below—

And I’ll see you in the Apartment Magic eBootcamp!

bootcamp testimonial akshay
“Phenomenal. I loved it! It’s all data, real approach. I loved the part on how to scale, and how to find it with actual numbers. It will blow your mind.
bootcamp testimonial akshay
Knocked it out of the park. The amount of content was indescribable. Neal and Anna were amazing. The most valuable thing I’ve been to in this area by far.”
bootcamp testimonial akshay
“I’ve loved the bootcamp so much I’ve taken it twice. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s been one of the best learnings I’ve done. I encourage you to do it.”

Choose Your Bootcamp Enrollment Option

Gold Bootcamper

Elite Bootcamper

9 Training Modules
Bonus 1: Digital Student Kit
Bonus 2: Underwriting Template
Bonus 3: Virtual Kickoff Event
Bonus 4: Alumni Virtual Mixer / Networking
Elite Bonus 1: Data Reports For Your Metro
Elite Bonus 2: Private Facebook Group Access “The Magic of Multifamily Secret Society”

Elite Bonus 3: LASAL Revenue Management System

Elite Bonus 4: Monday Morning Report (MMR)

Elite Bonus 5: Underwriting Walkthrough + Investment Summary

Elite Bonus 6: Hiring and Managing Virtual Assistants

Elite Bonus 7: Secrets of Successful Apartment Syndication
Elite Bonus 8: Immediate Access To A Previous Bootcamp

Gold Bootcamper


9 Training Modules

Bonus 1: Digital Student Kit
Bonus 2: Underwriting Template

Bonus 3: Virtual Kickoff Event


Bonus 4: Virtual Alumni Mixer / Networking Event

Elite Bootcamper


9 Training Modules

Bonus 1: Digital Student Kit
Bonus 2: Underwriting Template

Bonus 3: Virtual Kickoff Event


Bonus 4: Virtual Alumni Mixer / Networking Event

Elite Bonus 1: Data Reports For Your Metro
Elite Bonus 2: Private Facebook Group Access

Elite Bonus 3: LASAL Revenue Management System


Elite Bonus 4: MMR (Monday Morning Report)

Ellite Bonus 5: Underwriting Walkthroughs + Investment Summary
Elite Bonus 6: Hiring Virtual Assistants
Elite Bonus 7: Secrets of Successful Apartment Syndication
Elite Bonus 8: Immediate Access To A Previous eBootcamp

COMING SOON! Get on the VIP access list to receive special pricing and to get notified as soon as we have the dates for the next bootcamp.

Where should we send a notification?

Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe.

My Promises to You—And My Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee

Yes, you can find other trainings that cover similar topics, but…

The Apartment Magic eBootcamp is built and taught by real multifamily investors. We’re “in-the-trenches” go-getters who despise untested theory—and we believe the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty.

But more than that, here’s what truly sets us apart. Apartment Magic eBootcamp is the only apartment investing course in the U.S. that makes and keeps three promises.

Promise 1

My training is eye-opening, laser-focused, specific and tangible. It’s meant to be used right away—and you can!

Promise 2

It’s pitch-free. There are no upsells, coaching, mentoring, or expensive courses offered. Just 100% knowledge.

Promise 3

It’s filled with shortcuts, secrets and strategies that you have never seen before—with a clear roadmap to success.
For investors like you, these promises have come to signify that this course, finally, is something different in the world of multifamily investing. In fact, I’ve built our reputation on them—because investors have come to trust that the Apartment Magic eBootcamp is the “real deal.”

That’s why I back the bootcamp with a guarantee that’s unheard of in the industry:

You’ll be completely satisfied with the Apartment Magic eBootcamp—and completely confident that what you learn in the bootcamp will prepare you for the world of multifamily investing…

Or I’ll cheerfully refund every penny you paid for the course. It’s that simple.

Here’s how it works.

Attend the kickoff and first full day of in-person training or first 2 sessions of the online training. If you don’t think the bootcamp is for you, let us know and we’ll give you your money back. Obviously, I don’t think it will come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried this isn’t the right training for you—then please allow this guarantee to put your mind at ease.

Why am I so confident in offering this guarantee? Because I’ve never had a single bootcamp attendee ask to use it.

bootcamp testimonial akshay
“It’s awesome. My favorite part about it is everything. It’s all killer, no filler. No upsells. I don’t think there is any other thing like this. Nothing comes close.
bootcamp testimonial akshay
It’s a no brainer. I get to meet and network with awesome professionals who are investors, who are super motivated, and also want to take action.
bootcamp testimonial akshay
You’re equipped with every single tool. It’s literally laid out for you. Take initiative for your life. Forge your own path with those tools and build your own future.

What to Expect When You Attend

Expect to learn everything you need to know about the multifamily apartment industry.
Expect to be highly entertained.
Expect to say to yourself “I wish all seminars were like this.”
Expect to benefit from being around hundreds of fellow apartment investors at all stages of their careers, with all sizes of portfolios.
Expect everything to be immediately actionable.
Expect continuous 2-way interaction and questions and answers.
Expect “wow moments” and eye-openers.
Expect the what you learn to be full of specific, targeted information, not PowerPoint slides about general principles.
Expect ‘pitch-free’ training – 100% learning, with absolutely no sales pitches for any kind of education or mentoring product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the live online bootcamp sessions?

Fri June 4, 5:00 – 6:30 PM PT (Kickoff)
Sat June 5, 9:00 – 5:00 PM PT
Mon June 7, 5:00 – 7:30 PM PT
Wed June 9, 5:00 – 7:30 PM PT
Fri June 11, 5:00 – 6:30 PM PT (Networking & Alumni Mixer)
Sat June 12, 9:00 – 5:00 PM PT

Is any training available before the live sessions start?
Yes. You will receive immediate access to recordings from a previous online bootcamp when you register, along with access to many of the bonuses, plus access tothe Magic of Multifamily Secret Society private Facebook community where you can start interacting and networking with existing bootcamp students!
Is there a discount for my spouse or business partner?
Yes, a spouse or business partner may attend at 50% off the current price. After purchasing the first ticket, chat with us or send an email to and request a discount code for your spouse or partner, specifying their name and relationship.
What if I have questions after the bootcamp?
Elite bootcampers will have access to our private Facebook group, “The Magic of Multifamily Secret Society,” where you can interact with other bootcampers. I frequently answer questions in the Facebook group.
Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. Attend the first 2 days of the ebootcamp and if you don’t think it’s for you, let us know and we’ll give you your money back. You have absolutely no risk taking the Bootcamp—read more above in “My Promises to You—And My Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee.

As a student joining the bootcamp prior to the start, you are invited to watch replays of an entire previous bootcamp. However, if you choose to watch any of the previous bootcamp replays, you acknowledge that you are not eligible for any refund. 

bootcamp testimonial akshay
There are a lot of tips and advice that I’m going to apply to my life. I already got a lot of value out of that. The bootcamp has been an amazing experience.
bootcamp testimonial akshay
“The bootcamp is awesome. It’s alot of information. The team is great. With this information you can build your portfolio. You can build your investor network.“
bootcamp testimonial akshay
“I really like his data-driven approach. The attention to detail really impressed me. Neal doesn’t just throw out a lot of content, he also gives you the action plan. ”

Become a Successful Apartment Investor!

Meet Your Bootcamp Instructors

Neal Bawa

Founder & CEO, Multifamily University

I am a technologist who is universally known in real estate circles as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily because I’m a data guru, a process freak, and an outsourcing expert.

My $1+ billion-dollar multifamily portfolio is an ongoing experiment in efficiency and optimization.

I am the CEO / Founder at Grocapitus, an iconic data-driven commercial real estate investment company.
I source, negotiate and acquire commercial properties across the U.S. for more than 700+ investors.

My current portfolio includes 31 projects (7 sold) across 10 states with over 4,800+ units/beds.

I am a sought after speak at Multifamily events, IRA events & Meetups across the country.
Thousands upon thousands of students attend my multifamily seminar series each year—and hundreds attend the Apartment Magic eBootcamp.
Will you be next?

Anna Myers

COO, Grocapitus Investments

Anna is a third generation commercial real estate entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in technology and business.
Anna finds, analyzes and manages commercial properties in key markets across the U.S.

As the head of asset management for the Grocapitus portfolio, Anna brings a data-driven approach to track and insert optimizations to the properties to help drive property performance and investor returns

Anna hosts weekly webinar events featuring top speakers in real estate.

As the head of acquisitions for the company, Anna teaches underwriting and deal analysis for Multifamily University in quarterly Bootcamps

Anna regularly speaks on podcasts, webinars and at conferences about multifamily related topics.

Real Testimonials From Real Bootcampers

Neal Bawa’s Bootcamp provides a no-nonsense overview of multifamily investing. It consists of a welcome blend of technical analysis, practical steps, and useful tools. I have been reading books and listening to podcasts in preparation for my first acquisition, and the Bootcamp filled in a lot of blanks. I highly recommend it.

Ryan T. Darby, Bootcamp Student, June 2019
It’s easy to endorse the Boot Camp on Multifamily Real Estate that you provided. I have attended many seminars on real estate and yours was, by far, the best. In one day you provided so much great content and insight that I have nothing to compare it with. The access to the trove of material you provided afterwards just doubled down on the value you provided. I would even go again.

Mark Kamstra
The Multifamily Boot Camp was 100% sales free training on how to buy apartments. Lots of content, resource and tips you can use right away. No sales pitch. All training.

I’ve attended several weekend bootcamps before and although all offer great information, half the time you’re there, they’re trying to sell you something – their next event or coaching or whatever else. The Multifamily Boot Camp was 100% sales free training on how to buy apartments.

Joy Viray
Neal’s MultifamilyU BootCamp delivered fresh ideas, actionable content, and valuable resources in a super convenient, yet intimate and interactive format – with absolutely no fluff or sales pitches. His command of the material, rapid and energetic delivery, and real world experience combined for the perfect ‘crash course’. I’m already in a dozen MF deals yet I still got great value from participating. Neal shares cutting edge underwriting, marketing, and management techniques I’ve not heard even from other top educators and coaches. I strongly endorse and recommend his course for all multifamily investors, active and passive, newbie and experienced alike.

David G., Florida, Bootcamp Student, March 2019
Thank you again for an amazing learning experience in the MF Boot Camp. My husband and I really appreciated how many specific tools you shared that we haven’t seen elsewhere. Tools we can begin putting into practice right way, such as what to look for in determining which markets have the greatest potential for growth and cash flow, how to then drill down to specific neighborhoods within those markets, and how to build a team that can help support and run our out-of-state holdings. This is invaluable information for new investors like ourselves, but I imagine even a seasoned veteran would have picked up some great tips.

We also appreciate all the tools and resources you’ve provided in the tool kit. Definitely worth every penny and more!

Thank you again, Neal. We look forward to continuing to learn from you.

Anya Sagee
I attended the Magic of Multifamily bootcamp by Neal Bawa. Neal is an amazing presenter, he kept the audience engaged and motivated. The content was well organized with different hands on sessions. All the materials/slides provided were well prepared with attention to detail. Neal showed us excellent tools that did not require subscription but provided very good value to analyzing cities and neighborhoods. I liked the creative ways used to help network with other investors in the sessions. In all this bootcamp exceeded all my expectations. I would highly recommend if you are planning to invest in multifamily.

Aravind Vincent
I have been involved in few Real Estate Programs both Single Family Homes & Multifamily & found your program is more comprehensive in a short period of time & way less expensive.

Lucy Joson
I have listened to many shows and podcasts and this course was unique in that it was filled with information on data sources and tools that will allow me to make decisions on the best cities and neighbourhood to invest and gave me a lot more confidence in the decisions I am making. This course is very analytical and I have not come across anything comparable. Every module was packed with useful information.

I can pick out highlights in each module; the ones that stand out are the neighbourhoods module – picking the best neighbourhoods to invest in, finding and building relationships with brokers, including very useful tips for your first conversation with brokers and managing property managers (including how to reduce vacancy rates using marketing tools and virtual assistance). Connecting with other students through the labs and Facebook page assists with partnering – I have already spoken to a number of students and already found someone I am working closely with. Being able to ask questions and have many sources of information is a great resource to have on an ongoing basis.The 30 day action plan following the completion of the bootcamp is very easy to follow and helps put what I have learnt straight into action.

Marjan Beheshty
Overall I thought the boot camp was very well organized and provided a lot of information. Pricing was inexpensive, especially for someone who is new to investing in real estate and in particular multifamily. For me the my favorite modules were “How to pick neighborhoods to invest in” as well as “Finding and managing property managers” and “Finding brokers and properties”. I must admit i have to go back and view all of the modules again.

The biggest aha-moment for me was the vest use of free and inexpensive information that can be accessed at our fingertips. Especially for finding cities to invest in and the use of and the use of Yardi Matrix.

Joseph Salegna
Neal’s bootcamp is highly recommended to anybody looking for a comprehensive education in multifamily investing. You’ll walk away with many “Aha” moments whether you’re already a seasoned investor or a newbie. Neal’s bootcamps are guaranteed to be 100% fluff free.

Hitesh Jadav
Thanks for exceeding all of my expectations for your boot camp. As promised, the content was rich in detailed, practical how-to steps that made sense and explained in a way that made the material accessible and entertaining too! I have taken a few online classes with some of the usual suspects in the space, and the others just felt empty by comparison – as if they didn’t want to share their secrets. Or maybe they just wanted to entice me to pay-up for the next level of education, and then the next… You were an open book, seemingly sharing every tool you use, and answering dozens of questions in every session. So many speak of an abundance mentality (it’s a popular concept these days), but you walked the walk as a teacher, coach and partner in my success. I’m grateful for you insights, motivation and support. It’s great to see other students in our Facebook group already taking action!

As I work through your specific 30 day action plan and revisit the recorded sessions, I now have the confidence to make a move. Thank you.

David Gerber
Thank you so much for a tremendous bootcamp! It far exceeded my expectations, with the amount of content, the dedication of all of you, and your patience while we all were trying to grapple with these new ideas. The enthusiasm in the room, both from you and the students was just amazing. I am so glad that I made the trip out from Boston. Neal – I didn’t get a chance to say a proper good-bye and thank you, as I had to get to the airport. I look forward to the Boston event and my continued involvement with MFU.

Janvrin, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
This is Yan, I just landed in JFK. I want to say thank you for teaching us everything you know, from data, to tricks, to process, to action plan. I can’t imagine how rich the content is when I signed up. The rest is on us. To build a team, to execute your plan. I am sure we will have questions and will need your help in this journey. Look forward to investing with you

Yan Yan, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
Neal, thank you for the massive content and networking at bootcamp last weekend. It really was the most bang for the buck of any event I have attended and I met people that I will be teaming up with.

Scott Peterson, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
Hi Neal, Thank you for the teaching at the bootcamp, and the material you and Ana shared is easily 10x my investment. It’s truly a gift to the community. I attended Rod Khleif’s 3 days bootcamp this May. While I like their mindset coaching, I really need the data-driven methodology and the best practices. I am surprised to learn so much even though I attended your ebootcamp in June and it’s far beyond my expectations. Thank you again!

Hoi Yuen, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
The single item I was most enamored with was the way that both Neal and Anna (and their amazing staff!) truly care about their students and want them to succeed. At every moment I feel that they are both “rooting” for you, and they back it up, giving you absolutely every tool you need to be successful in this business, and to be the most efficient at that. Regarding the modules, one of my favorites was the asset management module delivered by the amazing Anna. Just coming off a podcast of Neal’s mentioning this as such a neglected part of syndication, I truly see the value creation from Anna’s instruction that this can bring to your business. All in all, a one-of-a-kind experience that will catapult you. You just have to strap yourself in for an incredible journey.

James McCreary, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
I had an awesome experience at Multi Family U! I’m in the business of multi family now and attended to see what I can do better. And WOW. I just finished meeting with my staff for an hour going through my notes on what we need to implement in our business now. And we’re not even close to being finished making the list, let alone implementation. I plan on attending Multi Family U again early next year to revisit and absorb more information. I’ve attended other workshops before and this one gives the most practical, real world information by a long shot.

Scott Olson, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
My experience at the last weekend Multifamily Boot camp with Neal Bawa and Anna Myers exceeded my expectations, they went above and beyond.

I love everything I learned over last weekend, but what I specially like is Neal’s Real focused systems to pick the best cities and neighborhood in the U.S. and Discrete, step by step 45 day action plans Thanks Neal and Anna !!!!

Natalia Eyler, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
Totally agree! The event exceeded my expectations. All killer, no filler. No BS or up-sells either. Neal and Anna are excellent instructors and definitely know their stuff. I was overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of information. Everything was taught in a practical, interactive manner. It’s clear they want students to learn. As a tech guy I appreciate Neals focus on using data and technology; particularly when it comes to market selection. He’s the only person that I know that focuses on this. IMO market selection should come first and foremost; because it matters SO much. Lastly, the segment on branding and marketing was incredible. I imagine a “brand strategy consultant” would charge $25k for the information in this module alone!

Jonathan Graham, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
Hey group, just wrapped up a great event with Neal. Whether you are looking to gain insight into apartment investing as a passive investor or improve your skill set as an apartment syndicator, I highly recommend Neal’s boot camp. I found the sessions to be very engaging, informative and unique. The data, techniques and action plans are incredibly powerful and I have already started to implement these into my own business. I was really impressed with the hands-on due diligence training, on sight bus tour of a rehabbed property and his insights on using virtual assistants to streamline processes. The fact that there was no pitch, up sell or fluff was really appreciated. GREAT EVENT.

John Van Der Giessen, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
I just want you to know how amazing I thought the workshop was. Listening to many (many!) of your (and Anna’s) podcasts, I expected a lot from the bootcamp, but my expectations were exceeded tenfold.

I also want you to know that I’m holding you personally responsible (:wink:) for Larisa and I taking the first step towards investment in MF. Tonight, we’re going to speak with the owner of a small MF that he’s currently selling right here in NJ. If it wasn’t for your encouragement, and your workshop, we would not have had the guts to take the first step. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Look forward to hearing you again via podcasts.

Helen Leyzerovich, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
Just got back from Neal Bawa’s 3-day boot camp, my mind is still spinning for all the information that was squeezed into those three days. I’ve been to several Real Estate seminars from some of the other experts and Neal’s is by far the most comprehensive. The bonus is No Upsell or B.S. He gives you an amazing amount of practical information and strategies on best ways to implement them. You’re given a 45-day plan to get you stated and a 60-day timeline for once you get your first deal. He’s really setting you up for success if you follow the plan. You have a wealth of tools at your disposal. If you are looking to get started in multifamily investing, start here with Neal. You could not ask for a better teacher.

Jim Chong, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
I was thinking of to spend that much money or not. After attending it, I would say it was much more worth it, I realized some other boot camps costs 10 times more than that and with string attached. This was amazing experience, first day Neal greeted everyone and I loved his energy and enthusiasm for giving knowledge. And that energy was there throughout the boot camp.

Boot camp was full pack of information and how to do stuff. Sessions on how to find locations, how to analyze deal was eye opener. But totally unexpected was bus tour to property and training for rehab and due diligence while on the tour. And cream on top of all was game, which trained us how different factors affects your net profits. Whoever interested in invest in multifamily, I will highly recommend Neal Bawa’s boot camp.

Sameer Nigade, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
Neal Bawa’s 3 day boot camp is such a wealth of knowledge. Neal and Anna maintained the energy and spirit throughout the sessions. Thanks for teaching and sharing the wonderful tips of investing. Its greatly appreciated. I truly enjoyed trip to Bala’s property, its a visual feedback.. loved it.. Thanks for all the lab activities to keep us engaged and involved. All the activities were all well planned. I would definitely recommend this boot camp as a MUST for anyone learning to invest in Multifamily:) Also, I wanted to add that I really enjoyed ‘pure learning’, Unlike most of the boot camps in the market today which have a hidden pitch to sell something fat. I’m also loving the “Real focus” for the cities and neighborhood. Thank you so much Neal and Anna!

Ashvini Valvekar, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
While I knew Neal Bawa for a long while, but this was my first boot camp with him. I enjoyed every minute of it. Neal Bawa has an admirable ability to present complex issues in simple and, the most importantly, in actionable way. Thanks for pushing us in the right direction!

Vladimir Gaputin, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed the boot camp. I was very impressed by the way he uses virtual assistants to boost his NOI and expand what he can do in every aspect (both business and personal). I also appreciated that he didn’t have any emotional pitch at the end to sell additional products. He really wants to just teach, and from my part it was pure learning only.

Woojae Kim, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
I too would like to chime in on my experience at the live bootcamp just recently completed… as someone who is already versed in many things having to do w/ MFR investing I can honestly say I still learned a ton from the bootcamp … nailing down submarket analysis… VA usage to drive marketing….capital raising tips.. i could go on and on… Neal, Anna and team are to be heartily thanked for providing such tremendous value to new and experienced investors alike with this course. Tons of actionable content all 3 days… VERY. HIGH. YIELD. thanks again #gratitude

Aaron Kaplan, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
I have +20 years of broad commercial real estate experience and believe in continuous learning. Why the review? Neal’s approach to identifying markets, sub markets, and neighborhoods is highly analytical. Neal presents and prioritizes various market factors that any investor or sponsor should consider prior to entering a market.

This same analytical perspective is taught in both the vigorous underwriting and the hands on, process driven, asset management tools taught by both Neal and his colleague Anna Myers. There are many other exciting aspects to the Bootcamp such as the use of technology and virtual assistants that even a non-tech person like me can understand and implement.

Finally, you will find your fellow students to be serious and genuine. It is my hope and expectation to partner with them on future deals.

Peter Pomeroy, Bootcamp Student, Sept 2019
You get access to your live class recordings, lots of extras, too many to list here. But he doesn’t offer any other classes, no mentorship program. He doesn’t have to. The info he gives will melt your brain. You don’t need anything else to get started. If you want your hand holding through the process there are good mentors out there. But you won’t find one for this price(read more)

Stephen Fahey BiggerPockets Review, March 2019

This was a WOW!!! It was blown away by the information. Very very impressive and valuable! I loved the networking and partnering activity. Especially good for someone like me that is afraid of talking to people.

Neal is very generous and gives away so much critical information in the resource kit. Extreme value for money!!


Stella Song

Neal’s bootcamp was one of the most well thought out and condensed events on apartments I have attended. And I have been learning this stuff for the past 2 years and also am closing a couple deals totaling 340+ units as we speak. The time saving links, the “algorithm” to pick cities, the topic of marketing, as well as the seemingly unrelated but very relevant topic of Virtual Assistants, made this a truly unique event. The bootcamp was simply awesome!

Ramakrishna Menon

“I could right away tell this was the real deal. Neal started offering value immediately by cutting to the chase and talking about what cities an investor would want to invest in. Much of what he said was backed by FACTS and data which he immediately showed to the audience.

He was very helpful with answering ANY question effectively and with a good sense of humor. But most importantly, I walked away with confidence and knowledge. I’m currently in the process of making a solid deal using all the principles I was taught in the course.”


Ashwin Sundar

The Apartment Magic bootcamp was everything I was looking for and more. It is the process from start to finish. These guys have done this over and over. They walk you through step by step more effectively than I have ever experienced.

The “How to Pick Cities/Neighborhoods To Invest In” is incredible. All the procedures & references are given & explained so we not only understand it, we can do it. This seminar is jam packed.

Don’t daydream for a minute because you will miss something significant.


Randy Wakefield

The bootcamp provided me with a clear and precise road map to identify specific locations to invest in. Neal’s presentation coupled with labs (small group sessions) provided hands-on experience for all the attendees.

I can state unequivocally that this boot camp was by far one of the best that I’ve attended. I was able to implement the strategies that I learned immediately. Neal, I can’t thank both of you enough for taking the time to provide us with this valuable information.

Esosa Gonmwan

Other ‘gurus’ charge exorbitant amounts, keep the material high-level and fluffy, and spend half the bootcamp hustling to up-sell you on their expensive coaching programs. Neal provides very practical, hands-on, insider knowledge that can actually get you started, and he doesn’t waste your time trying to sell you anything (Of course, you are free to approach him regarding investing in future projects. That’s what’s “in it” for him—they do all this as a networking opportunity).

Neal approaches everything systematically, logically, and conservatively; he is full of invaluable tips and tricks. Whether you’re looking to invest solo in multi-family real estate, to invest in other people’s syndicated deals, or to orchestrate your own syndicated deal.

Neal is an excellent teacher and the content of this bootcamp will give you tools for tangibly taking action and gaining confidence in your ability to evaluate and execute multi-family real estate deals.


Joyce Turner

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