MultifamilyU Underwriting Template Disclaimer


Distribution is restricted

This template is the copyrighted property of MultiFamilyU. Distribution or modification or resale of this
product is strictly prohibited. It is for the use of MultiFamilyU students and their partners and investors

Beta status

This template is in beta status, and is undergoing changes. Formulas may change. It is your responsibility to verify the formulas before use, after every release of the template.

Errors and Omissions

MultifamilyU makes no claims about the accuracy of the formulas contained in this template. We have
verified the formulas as best as we can using volunteers, but you agree that it is your responsibility to
verify all formulas before use.

Rules of Thumb need verification in all cases

Certain cells in this template may come with Rules of Thumbs. Its important to understand that Rules of Thumb are exactly that. They vary by city and even within a city. It is your responsibility to verify rules of thumbs with local property managers, brokers and other knowledgeable people.

Foundational knowledge needed

Apartment Investing is inherently complex. It is your responsibility to understand the terminology used
in this spreadsheet correctly. MultiFamilyU is not responsible for incomplete or incorrect input. In short,
Garbage in equals Garbage out.

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