2019 Real Estate Trends - The Best Cities and States For Investors



The Best Cities and States For Real Estate in 2019 (Including Surprising Top 10 'Shoot-Out' Results)

Neal Bawa once again delivers a power-packed talk about key trends you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about before you start planning your 2019 and beyond investments. This is a not-to-be missed investment presentation for both the analytical and the opportunistic investor. Hold on to your seat because the presentation is fast, fact-driven, and entertaining.  

Weds February 27th 9:00AM Pacific | 10:00AM Mountain 11:00AM Central | 12:00PM Eastern  

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  • The Booming US and World Economies, Jobs, Inflation, Unemployment, Consumer Confidence Can they support more growth? What to expect in 2019, and beyond...
  • The Looming Impact of Rising Rates including how many interest rate hikes are likely in 2019 and when the shockwaves will hit real estate the hardest. This is an important consideration for making buy, hold, and sell decisions.
  • The Story of Apartment Trends in 10 Dynamic Charts Why does workforce housing rent growth continue to be far above both the 10 year and the 30 year trend lines, this late in the cycle?
  • Best Cities in the US for Real Estate in 2019 Single Family, Multifamily and New Development. Top picks from Forbes, Realtor.com and Yardi.  
  • What are the best markets to invest in 2019, in Neal's opinion? ...which city and the reasons why it was chosen.


Rankings from Forbes, Realtor.com and Yardi Matrix will make city and state trends crystal clear. Before you leave, you will know the best cities in the U.S. to invest in, according to the analysis from the top Real Estate companies in the country.

TOP 10 Cash Flow These areas are poised for strong rent growth, providing excellent cash flow in 2018 and beyond. 

TOP 10 Metros For Fix & Flip These hot areas are known for having a lot of cash buyers. One of the CA cities on this top 10 list was a big surprise.

TOP 10 Appreciation Metros If you are a buy and hold investor looking for price growth, check out these strong metros.


Discover His Top Underperforming city that could go supernova this year... Neal's top pick is a top market for new construction and with a 52% YoY growth in new development spend, it means this city is poised for a good year ahead....

And his pick for #1 city in the U.S. to Invest in... This metro has been Neal's pick for #1 market in the U.S. for Single Family and Multifamily investing - 2nd year in a row!


"Real Estate trends was extremely relevant and informative in the ever changing investing landscape, backed up by current data and new points.

In addition, Neal delivered the information in a light-hearted manner and welcomed any questions and clarifications. His presentation not only helped me focus my next investing moves, but has caused me to re-evaluate my current strategies for the coming changes. Highly recommended."


"Just attended my first meetup with BAMF yesterday and it certainly will not be my last! The presentation by Neal Bawa on emerging Real Estate Trends was excellent! 

Clearly a lot of time and effort was taken to put together the research and the presentation was compelling. Very excited to continue coming to events to earn and meet network with other investors."


"I have been following BAMF for a year now. People in this group are amazing! Neal's presentations are fantastic, always expremely informative, detailed and well organized. 

He is always happy to share his knowledge and great tips with group members and this is very helpful. Highly recommend this group and Neal's "Emerging Trends in Real Estate" presentation in particular."

Peter B. 

“Neal's presentation was filled with invaluable information that is not readily available to the average investor. This group takes you to the elite level of investing. 

Many many hours of research must have gone into this presentation! Thank you guys for sharing it with me!!” 

Carlos Molina


"Super Meetup event. Neal is an expert in real estate and rentals. He is the best teacher I have met in the last 3 decades and he is willing to share his knowledge to all attendees, including some potential competitors down the road. Thank you, Neal”  

Eugene Sussli

"Not a boring real estate presentation! Neal is a natural presenter and teacher, and the trends presentation was no-nonsense but entertaining. The Amazon predication was fun because it showed all the different pros and cons for cities from the point of view of almighty Amazon.  

Neal has a gift for explaining the big picture of real estate, and then breaking down all of the different factors in an engaging, analytical style. Neal was originally a technologist, so his inclination to break things down and understand them makes for great teaching."  

B Gladstone

"This was an excellent, hands-on working session that went deeper than almost any Meetup training one could expect. Neal is clearly an expert in both real estate investing and efficiency. There is/was so much he could automate or outsource, it makes it possible to scale up faster with less cost and risk. Great session!” 

Ryder Meehan

______________________ _________________________“Great tips and expert advice straight from the front-lines of successful multifamily investments! Great service by Neal. I've learned a lot in those two hours - and not just about the real estate or running a business, but how to be more efficient dealing with mountains of tasks.” 


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Neal Bawa is CEO / Founder at Grocapitus, a commercial real estate investment company. Neal sources, negotiates and acquires Commercial properties across the U.S., for 300+ investors. Current portfolio over 1800 units/beds, projected to be at 3,000 in 12 months. The portfolio includes Multifamily and student housing properties in 8 U.S. states. Neal speaks at Multifamily events, IRA events &&meetups across the country. Nearly 4,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year and hundreds attend his Magic of Multifamily boot camps. Neal is the co-founder of the largest Multifamily Investing Meetup network in the U.S. (BAMF), a group of investors that has over 4000 members. Neal is a backyard tomato farmer and a protein diet health nut. He believes in positivity and Karma, is passionate about cricket and about the enormous potential of self-driving electric vehicles to solve the global climate crisis.

Scott is the Director of Business Development for Advanta IRA. Advanta specializes in administering self-directed IRA and retirement accounts. Scott has worked for Advanta since 2006, and is a frequent speaker and lecturer on the topic of self-directed IRAs and using retirement funds to invest in real estate and other alternative assets. As the Business Development Director, Scott oversees the sales, marketing and education staff to insure that new clients receive proper guidance and support when establishing relationships with Advanta. Scott has also worked with numerous individuals and companies to educate them on how self-directed IRAs can be used in their capital raising strategies. Scott is also an attorney and a member of The Florida Bar, although he does not give legal advice to Advanta clients