– Choose topics you would like to discuss

Equity and loans
How to raise money – OPM, OPI
Seller Financing
Recourse vs non recourse financing
Offers and analysis
Making offers sight unseen – what docs do you need to analyze
Actual vs proforma
How many offers to make to win one
The Buying process
Purchase contracts
Physical Due Diligence
Financial Due Diligence
Do you need to buy Single Family before Multifamily?
Wholesaling apartments
How is passive income different from active income
Flip vs hold
Deal structuring
What is a value add. Various ways to add value
Pros and cons of turnkey properties
Good numbers for expense to income ratios
Fear of speaking with brokers, sellers, property managers, investors
How to convince investors that you are reducing their risk
Automation and using virtual assistants
Use Vas for marketing
Use VAs to find properties
Use software to find properties
Mentors and authors
Lindahl, Wamsley, Peterson, Sumrok, Edwards
Books to read, webinars to watch
Your fee
What to charge investors – fees and splits
What if the market gets tough? Where to find buyers for your apartments?
Audience topics
Bank financing… how to find great banks to partner with? Down payment, interest, customer service?
Do you have to start with 20-30 units based on the info on the webinar or can one go straight to 80-150
Bank financing vs agency loans
Partnership guidance: What should we look for in a partnership? What should we be careful?
Syndicate documents
LLC or S Corp
how much to offer or how to analyse a deal if it is in profit or not.if a property is worth x amount what is reasonable offer to to validate if that x is a valid number
technology available for analyzing deals
Is it better to make minimum mortgage payments and collect max cash flow, or pay down mortgage faster? Guidance for thinking about this?
What types of loans are most appropriate for different strategies for the property (value-add, refi, fix and flip, etc.)?
Thoughts on buying heavily distressed / empty apartments and repositioning
How to find property in this competitve market? Any suggestions?

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