Join us for our new free wheeling, entertaining discussion about the extraordinary events unfolding today.

COVID-19 has created epic economic and lifestyle disruptions. In the blink of an eye it has thrown the real estate world into disarray and transformed how real estate investors and companies finance, manage, and occupy real estate.

People are working at home in massive numbers. Once bustling hotels, malls, and offices are barren. Short-term rentals and coworking spaces have been decimated.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, even though it may seem like it. The e-commerce industry is surging, fueling demand for warehouse space. Recession resistant real estate sectors such as self-storage shine during downturns but will this time be different?

Navigating today’s markets is more complex than ever. The investment landscape has shifted dramatically and investors need to completely rethink how and where they invest.

Join us to get clarity on what’s happening and where the best opportunities are in our brave new world!

Impact of Coronavirus Real Estate Town Hall 6:


Thursday June 25

5 PM Pacific · 6 PM Mountain  · 7 PM Central · 8 PM Eastern

Get Answers To These Questions…



Which multifamily deals have the most risk right now?


Is it time for multifamily syndicators to be on the sidelines?


How resilient will B&C class properties be after COVID?


What has the pandemic taught you about making deals, even complicated transactions, work?


Should you be hoarding cash right now?


For multifamily investments, which metros are impacted the most by COVID-19?


What changes are you making in your business due to the pandemic?



Where are you seeing opportunities in the industrial space?


What makes a great location for the industrial marketplace?


What are you seeing trending in the industrial space; and, why?

When is it better to develop new industrial, rather than buy industrial space?
How has the industrial market changed over the last several months with what’s happening in the world?
What type of construction are you seeing in the industrial space that makes the most sense (cost vs. efficiency)?

…and as many other questions as we can cram into 90 minutes.

This is a zero-PowerPoint live discussion. Join hundreds of concerned real estate investors for a frank and brutally honest discussion on what this black swan event means for your assets, life and real estate prospects.

Meet The Esteemed Panelists On This Town Hall

Neal Bawa

Neal Bawa

Founder & CEO - Grocapitus and Multifamily University

Neal Bawa is a technologist who is universally known as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily. He is one of the most in-demand speakers in commercial real estate, a data guru, a process freak, and an outsourcing expert.

His disruptive beliefs drive profits for 300+ investors at Grocapiuts, an iconic, data-driven commercial real estate investment company. The Grocapitus portfolio spans 7 states with 12 projects and 2,000+ units/beds.

Anna Myers

Anna Myers

Vice President - Grocapitus

Anna applies her 25+ years of experience in technology and business to finding, analyzing, acquiring and asset managing commercial properties in key markets across the U.S. As the lead underwriter for the company, Anna teaches deal analysis for Multifamily University.

As the asset manager for the Grocapitus portfolio, Anna brings a data-driven approach to track and insert optimizations to the properties to help drive property performance and investor returns.

Jilliene Helman

Jilliene Helman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer - RealtyMogul

Jilliene Helman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RealtyMogul, a private equity firm focused on investing in commercial real estate that uses crowdfunding to raise equity capital. In this capacity, Ms. Helman has invested in over $2 billion of real estate nationwide and deployed over $550 million of equity capital.
Rich Day

Rich Day

Entrepreneur and Investor

Mr. Day started his career financing real estate investments in 1998. Throughout his profession, Rich has focused on the capital markets and project development. He  spent the early part of his career at a boutique investment bank, where he helped raise more than $525 Million in equity in one year.

For the last decade Rich has sponsored the acquisition of more than 3,000 apartment units and two-million square feet in industrial and office space. Currently, Rich is developing nearly 1,000 apartment units in Utah and another 500,000 sq ft of industrial real estate.

What if I can’t attend the live town hall?

You don’t have to be present for the live webinar. Register and watch the replay at your convenience.

We Are Grateful

For the many accolades we receive from our wonderful community of real estate investors

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You’re the 4th expert I’ve heard talk this week on the topic and without a doubt, you were the BEST!!!!! Outstanding information.

Kimberly Keaton

Thank you for sharing all your research! This is by far the best analysis I have seen on this scary topic. Knowing this info will help me prepare for what lies ahead.

Lynn Robertson

Thank you for sharing all your research! This is by far the best analysis I have seen on this scary topic. Knowing this info will help me prepare for what lies ahead.

Jim O'Connor

Thank you for putting this together. Excellent info!!!

Kunal Dewal

Feeling really fortunate to have a data guru (Neal) at the helm on our investments. Better to have a realistic understanding on what’s coming than head-in-the-sand / wishing and dreaming.

Gary Lee

If people don’t believe numbers than they can keep on moving! Great job on your explanation Neal!

Joshua Ferrey

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