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Data Driven Analysis

The trends toolkit is packed with irrefutable data and actionable insights from top sources such as Bloomberg, CNBC, ATTOM, Goldman Sachs, Forbes, Trulia, Zillow, CBRE, and more…

Hot Real Estate Topics

How long will the strong housing market last? What is the impact on investors from the housing market “perfect storm.” Is the COVID-19 real estate surge over?

The Great Migration

The mass exodus that had quietly started got a jolt from COVID-19 and is reshaping the country. We’ll show you who is moving where so you don’t get caught on the wrong side of this trend!

You’ll Also Learn…

How current market conditions are impacting the single family and multifamily markets (and how you can minimize risks and maximize returns in both)

The best cities and states for investors in 2021 (including one previous underperformer we guarantee will shock you)

Why the market exploded despite so many job losses (hint: there’s some bigger-picture factors at play, the same factors that make this recession so drastically different from any we’ve seen before)

CBRE Group’s econimic predictions for 2021 (and the specific conditions that have to be met for these predictions to pan out)

Plus… Neal’s pick for the up-and-coming city that could turn you into a very wealthy real estate investor

Where should we send your "Real Estate Trends Toolkit" access information?

Meet Your Presenter


Founder & CEO,
Grocapitus & Multifamily University

Neal Bawa is a technologist who is universally known in the real estate circles as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily and serves as CEO / Founder at Grocapitus Investments, an iconic, data-driven commercial real estate investment company. Besides being one of the most in-demand speakers in commercial real estate, Neal is a data guru, a process freak, and an outsourcing expert. Neal treats his $508 million-dollar portfolio as an ongoing experiment in efficiency and optimization.

The Mad Scientist lives by two mantras. His first mantra is that, "We can only manage what we can measure." His second mantra is that "Data beats gut feel by a million miles." These mantras and a dozen other disruptive beliefs drive profit for his 440+ investors.

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How will this toolkit help me?

There are surprising cities poised for strong rent growth in 2021 and beyond. Many of these cities will provide excellent cash flow for years and years to come. Yet barely anyone is talking about some of them. I’ve done all the legwork for you to find the hidden gems and the hottest markets poised to provide robust cash flow and strong returns. It doesn’t get any easier than this. All you have to do is request access today…

Where should we send your "Real Estate Trends Toolkit" access information?


Thank you Neal. Mind blowing stuff as always! Not to mention, gripping! Look forward to the recording of that and the slides! Couldn’t take notes fast enough :grinning:

– Ryan Awai

Love how specific and action-oriented Neal’s presentations are! Great stuff”

– Keith Meyer

“This is excellent curated data. This is going to save me SO much time trying to pull all of this myself.”

– Hunter Thompson

Neal’s presentation was filled with invaluable information that is not readily available to the average investor. This group takes you to the elite level of investing. Many many hours of research must have gone into this presentation! Thank you guys for sharing it with me!!”

– Carlos Molina

Neal is an expert in real estate and rentals. He is the best teacher I have met in the last 3 decades and he is willing to share his knowledge to all attendees, including some potential competitors down the road. Thank you, Neal.”

– Eugene Sussli

“I’ve seen Neal Bawa present this content once before and it was without any doubt one of the the best real estate presentations of the year. The market overview is very well researched and both high level and very specific. A cant-miss presentation if you are considering buying or selling real estate this year!”

– Chris V, Stockton CA

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Where should we send your "Real Estate Trends Toolkit" access information?


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