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Everything Investors Need to Know About 

the New Tax Laws

in 2020

With Toby Mathis

The SECURE Act was signed into law on December 2019 - what it means to investors


The Most Beneficial Tax Laws for Real Estate Investors


What you can still do now to save on your 2019 taxes

What You’ll Learn

There are incredible tax benefits in real estate investing, but to keep as much of your hard earned money as possible you need to stay udated on the latest tax changes and how best to take advantage of them.

Our special webinar presenter is Toby Mathis, a Founding Partner of Anderson Law Group. One of the things we love about Toby is that he a tax expert and an active real estate investor. He owns 130 single family residences plus commercial buildings and warehouses. He believes you can’t teach something unless you do it which sets him apart from a lot of attorneys and accountants out there that talk a good game but don’t practice what they preach.

We are excited to have Toby share his wealth of knowledge on all things tax related, including:

How to lighten your tax burdens by giving you the best ways to pay the least amount of real estate taxes possible
Important tax topics with an emphasis of and the latest developments in the taxation of real estate investments and development
It’s not too late to save on your 2019 taxes, Toby will provide a list of tips you can still use to keep more of your hard earned money

Meet Your PResenter

Neal Bawa

Founder and CEO

Grocapitus & Multifamily University

Founder and CEO at Grocapitus Investments, a commercial real estate investment company. Neal sources, negotiates and acquires commercial properties across the U.S.
Nearly 4,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year and hundreds attend his Apartment Magic Bootcamp

Co-founder of the largest Multifamily Investing MeetUp network in the U.S.

Accomplished single family and multifamily investor.

Owns single families, duplexes, tri-plexes and quad-plexes in CA and IL. 

Active and passive investor in multifamily and commercial syndications in TX, NC, KS, OH, NV, UT, FL and IL. 

Taught Fundamentals of Multifamily investing, Real Estate Trends and Deal Analysis to 2000+ students, including investors from three different IRA companies.

Raised tens of millions of dollars to buy student housing and multifamily projects.

sought after speaker at Multifamily events, IRA events & MeetUps across the country.

Toby Mathis is an attorney on a mission to help investors and business owners keep more and grow more. A founding partner of Anderson Law Group, Toby helped Anderson grow its practice from one of business and estate planning to a thriving tax practice and registered agent service with tens of thousands of clients nationwide. In addition to advising clients and investing in his own real estate projects throughout the United States, Toby is a member of Forbes Real Estate and Finance Council and author of several books including first, second and third editions of Tax-Wise Business Ownership and 12 Steps to Running a Successful Business. Toby teaches extensively throughout the US to groups of investors and professionals with many of his courses certified for continuing education credit for legal, accounting and real estate professionals.

Toby resides in Las Vegas where he continues his mission on a daily basis to help investors and business owners preserve their wealth, protect it from lawyers, snoops and Uncle Sam and create amazing dynasties for future generations.



Neal’s presentation was filled with invaluable information that is not readily available to the average investor. This group takes you to the elite level of investing. Many many hours of research must have gone into this presentation! Thank you guys for sharing it with me!!”

– Carlos Molina

Neal is an expert in real estate and rentals. He is the best teacher I have met in the last 3 decades and he is willing to share his knowledge to all attendees, including some potential competitors down the road. Thank you, Neal.”

– Eugene Sussli

“I’ve seen Neal Bawa present this content once before and it was without any doubt one of the the best real estate presentations of the year. The market overview is very well researched and both high level and very specific. A cant-miss presentation if you are considering buying or selling real estate this year!”

– Chris V, Stockton CA

Free Online Training

Everything Investors Need to Know About 

the New Tax Laws

in 2020

With Toby Mathis


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