Developing an Opportunity Zone Investment Strategy

During This Live Webinar, You Will Learn


The tax benefits of OZ investment

Various OZ investment strategies

Where to find Qualified OZ projects


Aligning your project search with your investment strategy

How to utilize data to make smart decisions

Which OZs having promising data

Is This Training For You?

If you are interested in investing in Opportunity Zones, but want to get more information about how to find investment shovel-ready projects, mitigate risks, and make smart data-driven decisions, this webinar will be beneficial.

Also, if you have already realized capital gains or will in the near future and are rushing to beat the 180-day clock for rolling funds into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, this session can empower you will the necessary information to move forward.

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ABOUT Your PResenterS


Founder & CEO

Stefan Schimenes is the CEO and founder of InvestReal, a data-driven real estate marketplace that connects developers looking to raise capital for Opportunity Zone projects with investors. The platform also has a robust data analytics component, and utilizes machine learning to help users with research and informed decision making.

Often referred to as a serial entrepreneur, Stefan has a passion for reinvigorating static industries with technology. He has founded several successful startups in Latin America and the US. Additionally, Stefan is no stranger to the concept of disrupting real estate through online   marketplaces.  When he was the Managing Director of Airbnb in Latin America, he catapulted the company from an unknown brand to the market leader in the region’s hospitality industry. His efforts were integral to helping Airbnb becoming one of the most valuable startups in the world, worth an estimated $31B. 

Stefan earned his BA in International Relations from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, and an MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral. In his personal time, Stefan works to impact social good on both a local and global scale. He is an active volunteer at his community church, and has participated in relief projects in Africa and South America

Neal Bawa is CEO / Founder at Multifamily University and Grocapitus, a commercial real estate investment company. Neal sources, negotiates and acquires Commercial properties across the U.S., for 300+ investors. Current portfolio over 1800 units/beds, projected to be at 3,000 in 12 months. The portfolio includes Multifamily and student housing properties in 8 U.S. states.

Neal speaks at Multifamily events, IRA events &meetups across the country. Nearly 4,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year and hundreds attend his Magic of Multifamily boot camps. Neal is a backyard tomato farmer and a protein diet health nut.

He believes in positivity and Karma, is passionate about cricket and about the enormous potential of self-driving electric vehicles to solve the global climate crisis.

Neal Bawa

Founder & CEO
Grocapitus | Multifamily University


“Neal is highly intelligent, he’s a great public speaker, and simply one of a kind. I have brought my friends and they have been blown away by some of the things that they have learned. Thank you for sharing your real estate and productivity magic with us, Neal. I’m looking forward to many more of your upcoming meetups”


“Neal’s presentation was filled with invaluable information that is not readily available to the average investor. This group takes you to the elite level of investing. Many many hours of research must have gone into this presentation! Thank you guys for sharing it with me!!”


“The recent Multi-Family Presentation by Neil Bawa was thorough, timey and detailed. His complete detailed analysis of Global, International and Emerging Markets of where to invest and where to avoid is invaluable. Anyone who follows the knowledge gained from his presentation would greatly benefit in multi-family investing.”



Developing an Opportunity Zone Investment Strategy


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